[video] Legal Aid organization under fire for Uncle Murda & Maino “Hands Up” (Eric Garner Tribute) video

Somebody is gonna take the fall for this in a big way. Glad this video is getting some media attention now. Where are all the free speech advocates rushing to defend them?


A city-funded legal aid organization knowingly participated in a music video where artists rapped that it was “time to start k!lling these coppers” and pointed guns at a man dressed as an NYPD officer, the city’s Department of Investigation has found.
The Bronx Defenders, a criminal defense firm that receives about $20 million every year in public funding, let rappers Uncle Murda and Maino shoot portions of their “Hands Up” music video in their offices near Yankee Stadium and then tried to cover up its involvement, according to a DOI report.

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NYC settles for $7.1 million dollars for ‘wrongful death’ of Sean Bell

This case has been a terrible tragedy for the Bell Family and no amount of money will cure the pain they have endured the past few years. With that said the city coughed up the money which they should have for the murderous and callous actions of these police officers.

via Daily News

The city agreed Tuesday to pay more than $7 million to settle a wrongful death civil suit lodged by the fianceé and pals of Sean Bell, an unarmed man gunned down by cops on his wedding day, sources said.

The settlement, approved by a Brooklyn federal magistrate, ends a four-year legal battle by tragic would-be bride Nicole Paultre Bell and two men wounded in a 50-shot barrage that claimed her lover’s life.

Under the agreement, the city will pay Paultre Bell, the mother of Sean Bell’s two children, $3.25 million, according to a source familiar with the settlement.

Bell’s pals Joseph Guzman, 35, will receive $3 million and Trent Benefield, 27, will be granted $900,000.

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Rev. Al Cleared by Feds, does About-Face

via NY Daily News

A day after the feds dropped a criminal probe of Al Sharpton‘s finances, the activist minister said he’d learned a lesson.

“I have learned that everybody is not necessarily out to get you,” Sharpton told the Daily News. “And, I hope [prosecutors] have learned that everybody who questions the system is not trying to beat the system.”

That is a big shift in attitude for the usually combative Sharpton, who has claimed that investigators unfairly targeted him and his National Action Network because of his civil rights activism – as they did the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Continue reading

[video] The GAME Breaks Down During Interview

Usually I would take a dude to task for being over-emotional on camera but I’m gonna let you be the judge. The GAME was discussing some things that’s obviously close to his heart and he let his emotions get the best of him. The topic of discussion was Sean Bell so rightfully emotions run high, especially when it centers around the lack of ‘testicular fortitude’ in Hip Hop these days. He says he feels he’s cut from a different clothe than the rest of these clowns in the game so ultimately he wants out. Smart decision homie, just don’t turn back.

[Video] Top 8 Anti-Police Rap Songs

Source: Criminals Wanted Blog

Hip Hop’s uneasy and controversial relationship with the police is well documented and many songs have have expressed this untrustworthy relationship with law enforcement. With police brutality and unjustified killings still prevalent today, rappers still have the same view of police if not worse.

This list put together by the folks over at Criminals Wanted is definetly some of the most noteworthy and classic Hip Hop sh*t ever produced whether or not you agree with the message. (Number 8 is a classic song but is not truly an anti-police record)

1. KRS One – Sound of Da Police

2. NWA – Fuck Tha Police

3. Eazy-E – Boyz n the Hood

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Rev. Al Sharpton bikes for Sean Bell cause

I just was wondering why the Sean bell protests had slowed down amidst Rev. Al Sharpton’s decree to ‘shut the city down’ for the mis-justice served in this case. I guess I spoke too soon.

via Daily News

The Rev. Al Sharpton sits tall astride his Fuji cycle on 14th St. in Union Square at the Critical Mass bike ride Friday night.

The Rev. Al Sharpton joined a Critical Mass bike ride through the city Friday night in yet another protest over the Sean Bell verdict.

“Whether you’re fat or skinny, gay or straight, we are all Sean Bell. We are all riding for justice,” he told the crowd in Union Square to enthusiastic applause.

Standing at Sharpton’s side were Bell’s fiancée, Nicole Paultre Bell, Bell’s father, William, and civil rights attorney Norman Siegel.

After his remarks, Sharpton jumped on a bike and headed west on 14th St. with other cyclists while motorcycle cops watched closely.
Bell’s father drew laughter from those around him, saying, “Justice is nice, but I just wanted to see Rev. Al ride a bike.”
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Bell Cops Face Charges From Police Dept…

Source: Daily News

Detectives Marc Cooper, left, Gescard Isnora, center, and Michael Oliver after a judge acquitted them of all charges in the shooting of Sean Bell. The NYPD is now punishing them.

The dynamics of this controversial case change weekly and hopefully this new development is a sign of things to come for the justice of Sean Bell. Below is the latest:

The three cops cleared of killing Sean Bell on his wedding day – and four others involved in the tragic shooting – were hit Tuesday with NYPD disciplinary charges.

Detectives Marc Cooper, Gescard Isnora and Michael Oliver, who were acquitted on April 25, showed up at Police Headquarters separately and were led into a room where they were handed a sheet of paper with the charges on them – and told to sign them.

Each was accused of firing their weapons outside of NYPD departmental guidelines – charges that could result in their being fired, police brass said.
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[Update] 4 Officers Fired, Four Disciplined In Philly Beating

The Philadelphia Experiment

via AOL

Philadelphia’s police commissioner said Monday that four officers will be fired and four others disciplined for their roles in the beatings of three shooting suspects, an encounter that was captured on videotape and drew widespread outrage.

Another eight officers who had physical contact with the suspects will undergo additional training on the department’s policies concerning the use of force, Commissioner Charles Ramsey said. He said the police department made the disciplinary decisions after reviewing frames from enhanced tape of a video shot by a television news helicopter on May 5.

The video, shot by WTXF-TV, shows the suspects being pulled from their car on the side of the road and groups of officers kicking, punching and beating the men. A total of 19 officers — 18 city police and one transit officer — were involved.
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Killer Cops Strike Again…Shoot Up 3 Unarmed Black Motorist In Cali

vigil for Michael

via LA Times

Believing they were under fire, Inglewood police officers Sunday (Mother’s Day) shot and killed a passenger in an approaching car and wounded the driver, but no weapons were found and no one has been charged, authorities said.

The passenger was identified as 19-year-old Michael Byoune of Los Angeles, who died at the scene from gunshot wounds to the torso, said Los Angeles County coroner’s investigator Jerry McKibben.

The officers were in their patrol car near Crenshaw Boulevard and 8th Avenue about 1:40 a.m. when they heard gunfire and pursued a man who was running, said Inglewood Police Sgt. Hector Ramirez.
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The Shoot Back Mixtape-Response To Sean Bell Verdict[Download]

There have been many responses to the recent Sean Bell Verdict here in NYC. Some have called for a federal investigation, protests, and others actually call for retaliation against dirty officers.

Wherever your reaction lies this madness must stop against the Black community who have been abused by rogue police officers for years.
My homies over at Troubl Media have created this mixtape to bring awareness to this issue:

TROUBL Media does not promote violence. We promote knowledge. The cover artwork embodies the sentiment of the community as does the sound byte at the end of “No Justice, No Peace,” which is included because it is reflective of the frustration many people have expressed with the police department’s conduct, and the state of the justice system in the United States

Full story [Here]


[video] I AM Sean Bell

So it seems the Sean Bell controversy isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and rightfully so. This is a video of a collection of youth from Crown Heights, Brooklyn who are poetically voicing their opinion on the unjust outcome of last week’s lopsided verdict.

Sharpton Promises To Shut NYC Down In Response To Not Guitly Verdict..

Reverend Al Sharpton comments on the not guilty verdict of the  three New York City detectives in the November 2006 killing of Sean Bell as shooting victim Joseph Guzman, right, William Bell, left, Valerie Bell, second from left, and Nicole Paultre Bell, third from left, look on during Sharpton\'s radio show, Saturday, April 26, 2008 at the National Action Network headquarters in New York. (AP Photo/Stephen Chernin)
Source: MY WAY

Rev. Al Sharpton is promising to shut down NYC in response to the “not guilty” verdicts handed down on Friday in the case of murdered husband-to-be Sean Bell. This highly sensitive case has caused alot of mistrust of the cops and the criminal justice system which continously turns a blind eye to killing of unarmed black men shot by the NYPD. Read more below:

Hundreds of angry people marched through Harlem on Saturday after the Rev. Al Sharpton promised to “close this city down” to protest the acquittals of three police detectives in the 50-shot barrage that killed a groom on his wedding day and wounded two friends.

“We strategically know how to stop the city so people stand still and realize that you do not have the right to shoot down unarmed, innocent civilians,” Sharpton told an overflow crowd of several hundred people at his National Action Network office in the historically black Manhattan neighborhood. “This city is going to deal with the blood of Sean Bell.”

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Sean Bell Verdict Due Friday..Tensions Mount in NYC..

Detectives Marc Cooper, Gescard Isnora and Michael Oliver are on trial in the Sean Bell shooting.

The Sean Bell trial is coming to a close and the NYPD is bracing for protests to hit NYC if the accused trigger happy officers are acquitted or given a slap on the wrist.

This case is particulary sensitive due to the fact that it mimics alot of shootings against Black Americans in NYC. Most notable amongst many others is the case of Amadou Diallo.

Related Posts: Sean Bell’s Wife Lets It Be Known She Will Not Lose…

Sean Bell with wife Nicole Paultre-Bell  and one of their daughters.

Bell, 23, and the two companions were shot Nov. 25, 2006, after a bachelor party at a seedy strip club in Queens that police had targeted for an undercover vice operation.

The defense claims that undercover officer Gescard Isnora, who was posing as a club patron, believed a gunfight involving Bell and his friends was brewing when he confronted them as they entered Bell’s car and identified himself as an officer. He and the other officers opened fire after Bell violently pulled away and crashed into an unmarked police van.
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Sean Bell’s Wife Lets It Be Known She Will Not Lose…


On the eve the Sean Bell murder trial, slated to go to a bench trial starting Monday Feb. 25, the wife of Bell is coming under fire by the President of the Detectives Endowment Association who is accusing her of exploiting the tragedy by agreeing to become a paid spokesmodel for Rocawear’s “I Will Not Loose” Campaign. Nicole Paultre-Bell will appear in the ad with her two daughters, Jada, 5 and Jordan, 1 and embody the spirit of resilience, hence the theme “I Will Not Loose.” Michael Palladino is saying she is prejudicing the jury pool, even thought the trial will be heard before a judge. Apparently the police take exception with Nicole using Hip Hop as a platform to voice her resolve, especially during this most trying time, when she seeks justice for her fallen husband. Note to Palladino; this is what Hip Hop is at its essence, the “CNN” of the hood and the campaign being spearheaded by Jay-Z’s Rocawear is highlighting those who use any and every means to gain victory in adversity. Above the photo reads “We are going to be here to the end, ’til justice is served.” Jamal Spencer, the chief marketing officer over at Rocawear says this campaign fits Nicole’s plight perfectly and the company seems to be sticking by their decision.

“Nicole, she really embodies the overall spirit of that. She’s someone who’s suffered a great loss. When that happens, you want to curl up in a ball and die. That’s a tough thing. The day you’re supposed to get married and something horrible happens.”

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