[video] Dr. Boyce Watkins Speaks on Fr. Pleger & Sen. Obama

Dr. Boyce Watkins

As the Democratic primary nears its end and it becomes painstakingly clear that Senator Barack Obama will become the first “Black” Democratic nominee for President of the US there are more questions about what “type” of candidate Obama will become in the General Election than there are answers. The fact that this country will be split along racial lines is pretty much a given at this point but come October when Obama is looking back at some of the integral decisions he was forced to make at this pivotal point in the election will he also be seeing that factions of the “Black” community have also abandoned him as he attempts to move to the center of his political party? I hope he finds a comfort spot and isn’t pushed too far to the right as to where he loses his footing and falls off the ledge. Dr. Boyce Watkins builds on this delicate balancing act Barack will have to perform.

GOP Enlists Catholic Priest to Take Shots @ Obama, Wright

Now, America suppose to be a shining beacon of “Separation of Church & State” but as we can see via the 2008 Presidential Nomination the Church will have just as much say and sway on their constituents than any other party of influence. Someone once told me that politicians were puppets for the reigning priesthood. I am seeing how that ideology lines up. This clip is of Catholic priest Jim Lisante going in on Sen. Obama and Rev. Wright at a GOP dinner. The priesthood has no place in politics. Just like a national conversation needs to had about race in America at some points Christians need to get all their ducks in order because obviously the different denominations believe they must be praying to different “gods.”