Scientists Create Magical Powder That Regenerates Limbs

missing limbs regenerated

Those wacky scientists are at it again. This story emerging out of Cincinnati is about a “magical” powder concoction that scientists claim was used to regenerate piece of a man’s missing finger. The topical treatment is created by grinding up dry pig’s bladder, which is full of collagens, the protein responsible for skin strength and elasticity. Originally used to grow back horse ligaments, the powder was used to restore Lee Spievack‘s severed finger, which he claimed starting sprouting in less than four weeks. The procedure is attributed to what is known as the “extra cellular matrix” (collagen cells) and is made possible by the powder signaling the body to start the regeneration process. Not to sure if this will be making its way to market but we will keep you posted with any further developments. CLICK [HERE] for the full rundown.