In Fear Of Rogue Cops, Gov Paterson Outed Himself

I Confess

New York Governor David Paterson said the reason he outed his own marital indiscretions is because state legislators told him there was a rogue unit of state troopers that were illegally compiling dirt on politicians so to avoid being exposed he took the first step and neutralized them. To avoid the potentially embarrassing revelation that he’d been unfaithful to his wife with a fellow government worker Governor Paterson took the unprecedented step of holding a news conference on the first day of his governorship where he spilled the beans.

The outgoing governor, Elliot Spitzer had his reign come to an abrupt end after it was revealed he was patronizing high-priced hookers but his time in office was plagued by a controversy centered around the state police whom he’d illegally unleashed to drum up dirt on his political foes. So Paterson, apparently haunted by the skeletons in his closet took the advice of the Albany legislators who must’ve known the police were up to their dirty tricks. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has been assigned to look into the rogue officers.
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