Love and Hip Hop Star Mimi Faust Set to Release Sex Tape with Vivid (NSFW)

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Kim Kardashian taught her. The anything goes to get rich and famous in the world of reality television, continues with Love and Hip Star Mimi Faust releasing a sex tape with her boyfriend with Vivid honcho Steven Hirsh (who is the mastermind behind the celebrity sex tapes we have seen for the past decade and a half) laughing all the way to the bank. I guess the ratchetness of Love and Hip wasn’t enough and the fact she has a young daughter didn’t matter in this decision.


“via TMZ

Love & Hip Hop” star Mimi Faust is finally making love not war — in a BRAND NEW SEX TAPE — and her partner in slime is her co-star and BF from the reality show.

Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch tells TMZ … he got hold of the sex tape starring Mimi and Nikko Smith, and then contacted them to sign off on it going public. He says “Love & Hip Hop” producers also gave their blessing … presumably in an effort to spice up the reality show for next season.

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We’ve seen clips of “Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta” … it’s the real deal and it’s intense.  It’s scheduled for release later this month.

As the saying goes, when all else fails … make a sex tape.

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TUPAC Sex Tape Surfaces (TMZ)

I guess Pac is back in more ways than one. Whoever this girl is she is about to become wildly famous and probably just as embarrassed. Hopefully she is not some soccer mom with a bunch a kids cause her kids are gonna get ridiculed like crazy.

via TMZ
A five-minute sex tape showing Tupac receiving oral sex while rapping and dancing has surfaced … and TMZ has seen it.

The tape, shot in 1991, begins with a bunch of groupies in a living room during a house party. Tupac walks into the room with his pants down to his ankles, his shirt off … sporting several chains.
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How to Destroy a Sex Tape? Burn baby burn!

With new information of John Edwards having a sex tape and the possibility of Tiger Woods having one also, Slate has given the no-brainer guide to ‘How To Destroy A Sex Tape’.via Slate

In his new tell-all book, The Politician, Andrew Young claims to have discovered a sex tape recorded by John Edwards and his mistress, Rielle Hunter, in a box of trash. Although Hunter apparently tried to dismantle the video by pulling the tape out of the cassette, Young was able to restore it and view the footage with his wife. How do you destroy a sex tape so that it actually stays destroyed?

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Yes we over here at Street Knowledge are just plain tired. After the SOHH fiasco story we broke, awoke to nice letter a lawyer representing Verne Troyer aka Mini Me and asking us to take down the still shots of the sex tape story broken by TMZ.

We obliged and hope that we did not cause any harm to Verne or his family. It was a cheap way to get views on our blog and we should have not followed Harvey and the crew until we investigated more. Sorry Verne. As things develop will keep you guys posted.


Verne Troyer is now a mini litigant in a a $20 million lawsuit filed yesterday afternoon against TMZ, the often stupid but rarely wrong gossip site he claims violated his rights by publishing and airing portions of his sex tape.

Troyer alleges the tape was obtained illegally before ending up in the hands of the same porn purveyor who released One Night in Paris, the Oscar-nominated drama about a rich girl who sleeps with terrible men to feel fleeting notions of worth.

Surely, this whole dustup has nothing to do with obtaining free publicity for Troyer’s new film, The Love Guru, which is currently tanking at the box office.

Listen people I got this blogging stuff down pat. Just check my earlier posts and you can see how we get down over here at Street Knowledge Media…
I am tooting my horn cause I once famously said that you are not truly Hollywood unless you have a DUI or a sex tape when talking about the recent arrest of Snoop Dogg’s wife.

Well we now have a new sex tape controversey with none other than actor Vern Troyer aka Mini Me. Currently in the underwhelming hit movie ‘The Love Guru’, this can only cement Troyer status as Hollywood stud. The tireless people over at TMZ got some snippets, we just pulled some stills for all you sickos out there that would actually watch Mini me get some. Unbelievable.

Teen Girl Sues Cops Over Sex Tape “Screening”

Source : TSG

Teen\'s X-rated video passed around for laughs, \"gratification\"

We are definetly in the age of the sex tape. From celebs to just regular folk, sex tapes seem to come out every week and people definetly are putting what was once was behind closed doors on video for the world to see, which it not always a great thing to the average viewer(i.e Wendy Williams hubby could have kept that too himself). Here is an example of a moment of lust gone bad:

A teenage girl claims that Westchester County cops last year confiscated a sex tape of hers during the execution of a search warrant and then showed the X-rated video to law enforcement colleagues for their amusement and “sexual gratification.”

According to a federal lawsuit, the tape showed the New York girl “at age fifteen, naked and engaging in oral sex and vaginal intercourse.”
The girl, now 17 and identified as “Jane Doe” in the May 21 U.S. District Court complaint, charges that a trio of Harrison Police Department officers screened the video after it was retrieved from the bedroom of Joseph Porto, the girl’s boyfriend (a law enforcement source told TSG that police examined statutory rape charges, but could not positively identify the male in the video, though they suspected it was Porto).

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Jimi’s Company Say Sex Tape is Phony…(Video Link)

Source: Reuters


After we reported here earlier this week about a puported sex tape with Jimi Hendrix ,it is now being disputed by the company that controls the rights to his image.

“We strongly dispute the claimed authenticity of the tape,” Experience Hendrix said in a statement.

“We view the release as nothing more than a callous attempt to trade on the image and reputation of a deceased artist who is unable to defend himself against such an outrageous and baseless assertion,” the Seattle-based company added.

Others have also called the tape’s authenticity into question, including Charles Cross, author of Hendrix biography “Room Full of Mirrors.” He told the New York Times that “it doesn’t add up to Jimi” and said he had previously encountered the film himself when he was researching his book.

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Jimi Hendrix Sex Tape? Vivid Says Yes..

A Los Angeles porn company is planning to release a film supposedly showing guitar legend Jimi Hendrix having sex with two women, according to a report in the New York Times on Tuesday.
Source: Fox News/ NY Times

This past month says something for deceased celebrities and their sex lives. A couple of weeks ago we read reports that a tape featuring Marilyn Monroe performing a sex act on an unknown man was sold to a buyer for a million dollars, who promised to never release its contents to the public.
Now there are reports that porn company Vivid is due to release a previously unreleased tape featuring guitar god Jimi Hendrix having sex with two women. Read more below:

According to Vivid Entertainment, the film, which has no audio, allegedly shows Hendrix having sex with two women in a dimly-lit bedroom, the Times reports.

Vivid, which has also released sex tapes featuring Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee and Kim Kardashian, among others, says that the tape is authentic, and will be offered for sale in stores and for download Online, according to the Times report.

“I believe that we did our due diligence, and as a result of that clearly believe that it’s him,” said Steven Hirsch, Vivid’s co-chairman told the Times. “If they said that it wasn’t him, I would never have put it out.”

Some who knew Hendrix, who died of a drug overdose in 1970 at the age of 27, disagree. Kathy Etchingham, one of his girlfriends from the 1960s, says the man in the film couldn’t be Hendrix.

“He would never have allowed anyone to see that,” she told the Times. “In private he was very shy and would cover up.”