Watch The Original ‘SAW’ (9 Minutes)

Daily Fill has posted a great article about feature length films that started out as short films. Surprisingly the SAW franchise is first on the list. Check out the original short by

via Daily Fill

In 2003, two film students from Australia (James Wan, and Leigh Whannell) made a gruesome short about a serial killer who places victims in twisted scenarios that force them to either kill themselves or other victims, thereby “cleaning” the killer of any association to the murders. The goal of this short, based on a feature they had stored away, was to pitch it to various studios and actors in hope of having the full-length distributed. In 2004, their wish came true, and the original ended up spawning five Saw sequels – most of which more cruel and torturous than the previous. In fact, Saw is often credited as starting a brand of “torture porn” in recent horror films. We’re sure Wan and Whannell’s mothers are proud.