[Op-Ed] Eminem’s back…but does the world still need him?


via The Independent

You must have heard it by now. That adenoidal, sing-song delivery; the slow, clipped beat, the tack piano… like a signal, beamed from a not-too-distant past. Nothing remarkable about that – except that, in the hyper-accelerated world of pop, a five-year silence is equivalent to skipping an entire generation. So the leak of a new track from Eminem – amid reports that he’s set to return with not one but two new albums – has understandably set the internet buzzing.

Which is fine – but can Marshall Bruce Mathers III, by far the biggest-selling rap artist in the world, possibly reclaim his position as the world’s most famous MC? His long, self-imposed exile is the least of it. After a reconciliation with (and subsequent divorce from) perpetual ex-wife Kimberley, the murder of a close friend, rumours of creative burnout, signs of weight gain and a much-publicised “dependency on sleep-medication”, he’s starting to resemble, for sheer weight of troubles, the very Michael Jackson he once mocked.

At 36, even if Eminem’s musical skills are intact, his road back may prove tough. Consider the following obstacles he’ll have to overcome along the way… Continue reading

Nas ‘Impatiently Awaiting’ Return of Slim Shady

Rap star NAS has been talking about the imminent return of EMINEM and how much it means to the hip hop genre. The New York rapper said he is anticipating new the re-emergence of the Slim Shady star – who is reportedly about to reappear on the music scene after a lengthy hiatus. “I think that’s one of the most exciting things hip hop can look forward to. He contributes so much lyrically and musically, he’s amazing,” said Nas.
He made the comments at an event in New York to celebrate the origins of hip hop, where he was joined by artists such as GRANDMASTER FLASH, N*E*R*D and DIZZEE RASCAL. Speaking to BBC 6 Music, the rap star – who has never voted – said he would be supporting a certain presidential candidate this year. “Today’s thing is different, I’d like Barack Obama to win just so the racists of the world could have heart attacks,” he remarked.

Em To Perform In London For Mandela’s Birthday

[Source: HipHopDX]

The much anticipated return of Marshall Mathers aka Eminem will occur on June 27th in front of a crowd of 45,000 gathered in London’s Hyde Park to celebrate the birthday of Nelson Mandela. Yup, you read it right Slim Shady has been requested to serenade former South African President Mandela, joining the ranks of Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Spice Girls and U2. The event will be hosted by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. Mandela’s AIDS charity 46664 will be the recipient of the money raised from this bash which will certainly turn into a blowout event with the inclusion of Em, who has turned into somewhat of a recluse (its even rumored he’s ballooned to over 200 lbs!). He hasn’t graced a stage in over two years or released a studio album since 2006. For those of you wondering how this came about, a publicist involved with the event said this:

“We wanted some of the greatest artists from recent times and Eminem was on the list. I contacted Eminem’s management on the off-chance and never expected him to go for it.”

Apparently Em and his people must’ve seen this as the perfect setting to stage a comeback, especially since his career has been dogged by accusations of him being a closet racist, stemming from those long-lost recordings that were unearthed by Dave Mays and Benzino in which Em was calling black women “bitches.”