Nipsey Blogs for XXL, Releases Artwork for New Mixtape

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What up y’all it’s ya boy Nipsey Hussle. This first blog I’ma let you know what you can expect from me for the week and what I been gettin into.

I’m out here in LA filming a movie with my homie Ving Rhames called The Wrath of Cain in which I play one of his sons. That shit been mind blowing to me so I’ma take one of my days of bloggin to talk about that. You can expect that on Tuesday. I also been workin on my album South Central State of Mind which drops December 22nd so I been tryin to balance the filming with the music shit.

I just finished my new mixtape Bullets Ain’t Got No Names Vol.3 which is my best work to date. Y’all gonna go nuts when you hear it! That’s hosted by the homie Whoo Kid, Jonny Shipes and The Empire. Below is the cover artwork you see it here first on my XXL takeover so stay tuned I’m here all week. Let me know what yall think of the cover.

Other than that I just been dealing with my everyday life. A lot of people been askin me about how I feel about West Coast music and the state of it and what the problems have been with breakin new artists and what I did to break myself out here so I’ma discuss the whole West Coast music shit and my mind frame on it in my Thursday blog. Friday I’ma give my fans the Updated West Coast and I’ma name my top 5 new artists and top 5 new producers who I wanna shine the spotlight on like my homie Game did for me. Hussle music All Money in No money out…—Nipsey Hu$$le

Snoop Dogg Cleared Of Assault; Soopa Fly Must Pay

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Despite being cleared of assaulting a fan at a 2005 concert, the man who sued rapper Snoop Dogg will still receive compensation for injuries suffered from the incident.snoop_v


Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle Records, rapper Soopafly and other unnamed parties will pay Richard Monroe Jr. nearly $449,000 in damages, a jury found on Friday (May 8) after determining that Monroe suffered major injuries from the assault.


Soopafly (born Priest Brooks) was among those involved in the incident.


“We’re very pleased that the jury found that this incident was not something to be taken lightly,” Monroe’s attorney, Brian E. Watkins, said. Friday’s decision marks the end of two weeks of testimony surrounding Monroe’s 2006 lawsuit against Snoop Dogg (born Calvin Broadus). Continue reading

Death Row Records: The Aftermath


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During the ‘90s, Death Row Records linked the sound and do it yourself ethic of Stax and Motown with Hip Hop. It laid the blueprint for No Limit, Roc-A-Fella and a half dozen other independent labels. Along with the trademark sound emerged tales of industry shakedowns, studio beatdowns and a conflict that left two of Hip Hop’s greatest contributors dead. Things got so bad that Dr. Dre then Snoop Dogg and nearly everyone else departed, leaving thousands of unreleased recordings and plenty of drama in their trail. A few who chose to remain occasionally made headlines. As a shell of its former self, Death Row brought in a steady trickle of a couple million dollars annually, until a crippling lawsuit forced the label to sell its assets in a recent auction.

Canada’s WIDEawake Enertainment purchased the remaining Death Row assets for $18 million, simultaneously ending and starting a new era. As questions arose about the reintroducing the label’s analog material in a now digital Hip Hop landscape, the new owners promised a drastic change in the way business was conducted. After nearly a decade of re-releasing bootlegs and b-sides that were better left on the cutting room floor, stories of a board of trustees led by a suburban soccer-mom did little to ease the fears of die-hard Death Row fans.

In an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, WIDEAwake/Death Row CEO Lara Lavi and Senior Vice President John Payne cut through the clichéd press clippings to explain why they can equally relate to the suits who write the checks and the artists who cash them. With ties that reach back to Death Row’s infancy as Future Shock Records, John and Lara have offered a full pardon of sorts for all the artists and music stranded on Death Row. In the following pages, you can judge if they’ll successfully take the hood off of Death Row’s iconic mascot without taking the hood out of the label’s master recordings.

HipHopDX: What initially attracted you to the Death Row purchase?
John Payne:
I was actually with Death Row from the very beginning. I did the Deep Cover Soundtrack, and I helped formulate the direction Death Row took before it kind of went a little negative. When the company went bankrupt, I worked with the trustees in identifying everything. Continue reading

Snoop to Release Next Album Through MTV


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In a move reminiscent of Jay-Z’s monumental deal with Live Nation, Snoop Dogg, who just split with longtime label Interscope Records, has announced that he will release his next album Malice In Wonderland, through MTV. He will also launch a new nighttime variety show called Dogg After Dark, and will leverage MTV’s popular Rock Band video game as a distribution platform. Deals like this speak volumes about the state of the majors. Or, at the very least, artists perceptions about the majors ability to effectively sell their music.

Full press release.

New York, NY – February 10, 2009 – MTV and rapper, icon, record producer, entrepreneur and actor, Snoop Dogg today announced a first-of-its kind global deal that will bring the entertainers’ personality to television in a new variety talk show, “Dogg After Dark,” and his music to fans with a new album release and into the best-selling music video game Rock Band®.

Premiering on Tuesday, February 17th at 9pm ET/PT on MTV, Snoop Dogg will host “Dogg After Dark,” a new jam packed weekly variety talk show from Los Angeles hotspot Kress on Hollywood Boulevard. “Dogg After Dark” will bring his Doggystyle swagger to the airwaves with raw interviews with A-list celebrities and musicians, hilarious sketch-comedy segments and musical performances from the hottest artists. The show will air every Tuesday night for seven weeks and feature Snoop’s own in-house band, the “Snoopadelics.” Continue reading

[video] Lil Wayne & Snoop Discuss “Crips & Bloods: Made In America”

DJ Skee talks to Baron Davis (basketball star and producer of “Crips and Bloods: Made in America”) about the Stacy Peralta-directed documentary, and includes drops from Lil Wayne and Snoop.

(thanks to QDIII for the link)

According to the filmmakers:

AMERICA opens at the IFC Theatre in New York starting Friday 23
January.  Stacy Peralta will be doing a Q&A for the 7:45pm screenings
on the 23rd and 24th.

source: missinfo

Snoop Preps Upscale Clothing Line Called ‘Rich & Infamous’

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When Snoop Dogg paid homage to the late Johnny Cash on the record “My Medicine,” it was obvious that his influences ran far deeper than just Hip Hop. Taking that idea to the next level, Snoop is gearing up to release a clothing line solely inspired by men like Cash who push their success to the limit.

Titled Rich & Infamous, the clothing brand is described on the official website as “A fraternity of sorts — from presidents to gangsters — who’ve been able to endure the burden of gaining wealth at any cost. Garnering equal parts admiration and disdain, these men savor the fruits and relish the spotlight. Jimi Hendrix, Ronald Reagan, Frank Sinatra, and Muhammad Ali, among many others, are all included in Snoop Dogg’s euphoric aspirations to make Rich & Infamous a powerful brand. Continue reading

[video] Snoop Dogg- THOSE GURLZ

By the look of things the Big Homie SNOOP is suffering from the same disease that has inflicted Yung Berg…no dark butts in this video. (diagnosed as ‘nochocolatitis’)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “ Snoop Dogg- THOSE GURLZ“, posted with vodpod

In related Snoop news the Doggfather can be found adorning a turban and getting his Punjabi on for a Bollywood production,  well the theme for Singh is Kinng to be exact. CLICK [HERE]

Palestinian Group Urges Snoop to Cancel Israeli Performance



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In the midst of continued violence between Israeli and Palestinian forces, the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) has released a statement condemning Snoop Dogg’s scheduled September 18 performance in the Jewish state.

The group, which mantra calls for a “comprehensive economic, cultural, and academic boycott of Israel,” has expressed shock that Snoop would make an appearance in Israel at a time when the region is full of strife and tenuous peace talks.
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Snoop Confirms Detox Is Finished and On Its Way…Dre To Helm Next Project

California Love

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Rapper Snoop Dogg recently left the recording studio, recording tracks for Dr. Dre’s highly anticipated album, Detox.

“That record is real it’s coming,” Snoop Dogg said during an interview today (June 25) on Big Boy’s Neighborhood. “You know me, I was starting to doubt it myself and then I went up in there and he played so much music for me it knocked my head off.”

Snoop Dogg confirmed the fabled, decade-long project was finished and that the Doctor was selecting tracks for the album.
“I see what he got them waiting for, it’s on and poppin,” Snoop Dogg said. “He got records, he got heat.”
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Death Row Catalog Going On Sale…Suge Having Worst Month Ever

Murder Was the Case

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First Suge gets knocked out cold out at an L.A. club, now he’s being forced to sell off his once-mighty Death Row empire.

After filing for bankruptcy in 2006, a judge has ordered that all assets for Death Row be auctioned off to the highest bidder on June 24. That’s some serious stuff, as it includes the rights to all the recordings of Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, and Dr. Dre. The minimum starting bid is a measly $24 mil.

Get your bid in by June 10 if you’re looking for your own original copy of “The Chronic.”

CLICK [HERE] for FULL transcipts

Snoop Show Cancelled Amidst Fears of Gang Activity

The homie BIG SNOOP

(funny he can stand next to an American icon like Willie Nelson and no “gang” concerns are ever mentioned but Snoop is catching flack as of lately about police fears for safety due to his “affiliations“).

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Representatives for The 2nd Annual Monterey Music Summit have revealed that the concert has been postponed until at least October, because of heightened security concerns, due to an appearance by rapper Snoop Dogg.

The Monterey Music Summit was scheduled for May 30 – June 1 at the Laguna Seca Recreation area, but was canceled after The Monterey County Board of Supervisors demanded heightened security at the eco-friendly concert, which also featured Ky-Mani Marley, Talking Back Sunday, Crystal Method, Ozomatli and others.

At issue is a performance by Snoop Dogg, an admitted gang member and California native. In May, The Board reached an agreement with the Joe Fletcher Presents Inc., organizer of the Monterey Music Summit.
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Too Short Added To Scion Concert Series

short dog in the house

Fresh off his cameo on Snoop’s sizzling single, “Life Of the Party” Bay Area Ambassador Too-Short has just been tapped by Scion to perform in their “Live Metro” concert series. He will featured on the Minneapolis, Chicago and St. Louis stops. The event, which is free, fuses Hip Hop with different genres of music like pop, rock and funk.

“Live Metro” events signify Scion’s commitment to the urban music-minded community through live tours that travel to select markets nationwide. Each event brings artists together from different genres of music – hip-hop, funk and live remixes – to create a unique and complimentary experience for audiences, while supporting the innovative collaborations between music’s best emerging and established talents.

CLICK HERE for the dates and locations

Snoop Goes German

WTF?! This is Snoop, who we told you is marketing himself globally as the salesman capable of pitching anything, singing a song in German impersonating German singerRoy Black. Go figure, I guess it’s a “check is a check” and you can’t knock the hustle, oh well! The dog got more slanguages than the Pope!

Snoop Tapped To Become Spokesman For Landy Cognac

lady in the red dress

Snoop Dogg, who has proven he can sell everything from platinum records to customized Cadillac‘s has now been tapped to sling Cognac liquor. The former Gin & Juice pitchman joins the throngs of rappers (Dr. Dre, Jim Jones, Jay-Z) who have been christened to sell spirits, Diddy being amongst the most famous for his multi-million dollar deal to push Ciroc liquor.

Landy Cognac, which is packaged in the shape of a shaley woman is an inexpensive liquor, well compared to the brands that rappers have popularized in songs and endorsements, with prices ranging from $30 to $300 for its more exclusive limited bottles. Expect some music soon with Snoop name dropping.

Snoop Fights UK Ban

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The Dogg Father is not one to take “NO” for an answer. Rather than be complacent with his ban from the United Kingdom that stemmed from a brawl Snoop’s entourage got into with over 30 people at London’s Heathrow Airport in May of 2006, resulting in seven officers being injured, Snoop has been appealing his status. An asylum tribunal reversed the decision and voted to lift the ban in January, only to have this decision contested by the British government that opposes Snoop setting foot on British soil. “We were disappointed with the judge’s decision in this case and have challenged his decision. This hearing is due to take place on the 7th of April. It would not be appropriate to comment further while these proceedings are ongoing,” a spokesman for the U.K.’s Border Agency said. Snoop, in an interview wth The Guardian responded, “People in London always get information on me as far as when I go to jail and my criminal record,“ the rapper complained. “They never hear about my football team, my wife, my kids, my standing in the community, the gang interventions that I do. They don’t give a f**k about it!” Stay tuned.

Snoop From “The Wire” Witness to Baltimore Homicide


Snoop from HBO’s The Wire will be called as a witness to a murder that took place in 2005 in Baltimore, Maryland.  Allegedly she was present when the stabbing death of Tyrell Roseborough took place on “The Block” outside of a New York Fried ChickenAn alleged accomplice of hers, Steven Lashley is being charged with the body.  According to authorities,

 “The argument appears to have started because Tyrell attempted to ‘holler’ at Felicia Pearson and she rebuffed him,” Baltimore homicide detective Todd Corriveau wrote in a report. “At the time, Lashley and Felicia Pearson were friends and sometimes met with each other/sat in strip clubs on ‘the block.’ ”

The incident jumped off and resulted in the murder of Tyrell, the stabbing of his brother Raymond and friend Stanley Thomas.  Authorities have a statement made by Snoops denying any involvement in the incident.  CLICK HERE to see the full report.