Friended by Mom and Dad on Facebook

via ABC

The Facebook group entitled “For the love of god — don’t let parents join Facebook” has 5,819 high school and college-aged members who want to stop the growing number of parents who are joining Facebook, the massively popular social networking site, from “spying” on them.

Teens Don't Want Parents Showing Faces on Facebook

Many Facebook users already know that employers, teachers and admissions officers at universities use Facebook to check up on potential employees or students, but the recent dramatic increase in the number of parents using Facebook seems to disturb many younger users more than the presence of any other demographic.

“It’s really weird that nonstudents and parents use Facebook,” said Emma Gaines, a Tufts University sophomore. “It makes me feel really uncomfortable that my older aunt has Facebook, because she says that she likes to check up on her teenage nieces and nephews and takes our pictures for her own use. That’s creepy.” Continue reading