Sony Cuts PlayStation 2’s Price To $99 In U.S.


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Sony has confirmed that the price of the PlayStation 2 console in the U.S. will be cut to $99.99, following days of speculation concerning a forthcoming announcement.

Although Internet speculation revolved largely around hopes of a PlayStation 3 price cut, Sony has revealed that it is the PlayStation 2 which will receive the new price tag. Previously priced at $129.99, the new price scheme will come into effect on Wednesday, April 1st.

The PlayStation 2 was first launched in 2000 and has so far sold more than 136 million units worldwide, with a software library of almost 1,900 titles, and more than 250 PS2 titles achieving “Greatest Hits” status – currently pegged as sales of 400,000 or more.

Although some publishers have now abandoned the format, a number of family-friendly games still debut on PS2, and Sony still plans further first party releases this year, including MLB 09: The Show and MotorStorm: Arctic Edge. Continue reading

SONY Looking to Break-Even on Playstation 3 Consoles


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Sony Corp. is closer to breaking even on its new-generation PlayStation 3 videogame console because it costs 35% less to make than the previous model, according to technology-research firm iSuppli Corp.

The electronics giant is locked in a battle with Nintendo Co.’s Wii and Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360 for control of the videogame-console market. The cost cuts could help stanch the hardware red ink at Sony, which sold the previous-generation PS3 at a significant loss, making up for it with game-title sales and royalties.

Integration and key changes in components has brought the latest PS3’s cost down to $448.73 from $690.23 for the first-generation model, said iSuppli.

The PS3 sells for about $399 in the U.S., at least $150 more than Wii and Xbox 360. However, the PS3 accounted for 16% of global videogame-unit shipments in the second quarter of 2008, second only to Nintendo’s Wii, which accounted for 54% of the market. Continue reading

Wii Outpaces Competition This Holiday Season

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Remember Sony and Microsoft? No? Well, neither does the average Amazon customer.nintendowii_console

According to a release sent out by the online retail giant Friday, the Nintendo Wii and all its accessories dominated video game sales during the holiday shopping rush and not one mention was made of Sony’s Playstation 3 or Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

“Nintendo Wii dominated the top sellers in video games and hardware, including the Wii console, the Wii remote controller and the Wii nunchuk controller,” the release reports.

What about all its competitors? Have they somehow entered the realm of irrelevance?

I’m starting to wonder if they have.

A quick glance at console sales over the past year tells you everything you need to know about the video game hardware business. With 43.75 million units sold, the Wii easily dominates the market, which is also home to 26.49 million Xbox 360 units and 18.82 million Playstation 3 consoles. Continue reading