Souljah Boy arrested for DRUGS and GUNS?

Hard to believe this guy was at the top of music industry just a few years ago. TMZ has the latest:

via TMZ

6:05 AM PST — Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Soulja was in a car with 4 other men, which was originally pulled over for a traffic violation.

We’re told … during the stop, cops found a “substantial amount” of marijuana and cashinside the vehicle.” Soulja and the 4 other men were all arrested.
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Did Souljah Boy Delete His Twitter Account Over #IfSouljaBoysARapper Trending Topic?

(Just due to the fact that he had over 2 million followers makes this a story).

The debate about celebrities using Twitter has been chronicled in a bunch of different articles that have examined the pros and cons of the social network. Many celebs feels that this is away to stay connected directly with their fans. But it also has gotten plenty of celebs in serious beefs, disputes, and problems due to the frank nature of the discussions. Miley Cyrus, John Mayer, Chris Brown, and The Dream are just a few celebs who have deleted their Twitter accounts over things they have said that caused a bunch of bad press. Now it seems that rap star Souljah Boy has joined this group in the last day or so.

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[video] Soulja Boy Presents iFlyp’t App

We all know De’Andre aka Souljah is one of our young pioneers on the internet and it is no surprise that he would supporting the iFLYP”T Remix app. Check out this video where he gives you the deets.

The application iFLYP’T Remix claims to offer a new means of experiencing your music through its platform. iFLYP’T offers consumers the ability to take an existing song that they enjoy, or might not enjoy and customize its layout and structure. The iFLYP’T application lets users record their moving of lyrical parts and phrases around in a song, as well as editing how those phrases trigger.  (Offers songs from Kanye West, Soulja Boy, Kid Cudi, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Pitbull, Lady Gaga, and more!)

Once you have customized or “FLYP’T” your musical creation iFLYP’T then allows you the ability to share this music on ( ). The social network allows user to post updates and interact with each other as well as give kudos to their “entourage” for remixes.

Sorry Souljah Boy, Ashton Kutcher, and Kim Kardashian, Nobody Has a Million Twitter Followers

Found this great article from my new favorite blogger Anil Dash, who exposes the reality of celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Kim Kardashian with large Twitter followings that reach in to the millions. Though these guys have relished in the fact of cracking a million followers, Anil challenges that there is absolutely no value in running up the Twitter follower scoreboard. He gives great analysis on actually being put on Twitter’s suggested user lists and getting hundreds of thousands of new followers. Fantastic analysis and should be an article for individuals, small businesses and major corporations to read when crafting their social media campaigns.

Last week, I wrote a bit about what it’s like to be on Twitter’s suggested user list. The response to that post has been really gratifying, and I wanted to share a bit of what I’ve learned, as well some of the more interesting responses.

First, to recap: I had about 18,000 followers of my own back in October, when I got added to the suggested user list. (Let’s call these “organic” followers.) If I’d have continued my normal rate of growth, i’d have about 25,000 followers today, but thanks to being on the list, I’ve got close to 300,000 followers. Surprisingly though, I only get as many retweets and replies as I’d get with my organic number of followers.

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Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Soulja Boy and Drake Announce Young Money Presents: Americas Most Wanted Music Festival

jeezy & weezy

via HipHopPress

NEW YORK, June 15 /PRNewswire/ — Grammy Award winning, multi-platinum selling artist Lil Wayne headlines this summer’s Young Money Presents: America’s Most Wanted Music Festival. Lil Wayne will be joined by artists Young Jeezy, Soulja Boy and Drake for the twenty one city tour through the United States and Canada. Tickets for the tour will go on sale June 20th and are available via Ticketmaster, Live Nation and venue ticketing systems depending on venue.

The Young Money Presents: America’s Most Wanted Music Festival will be the follow up to Lil Wayne’s very successful “I Am Music Tour” playing a total of 47 arena dates across the US. After an opening act, Drake will perform, followed by Soulja Boy and Young Jeezy’s sets with Lil Wayne closing out the show.

Universal Recording artist Lil Wayne is a Four-time Grammy Award winning rapper that became the first artist since 2005 to sell one million albums in the first week of release when Tha Carter III sold over 1 million units in its debut week. The Carter III is the best-selling album release of 2008, having sold well over 3 million copies domestically since its release in June 2008.

Def Jam Recording artist Young Jeezy is a Grammy nominated rapper, his latest album The Recession, is the highly-anticipated follow-up to Young Jeezy’s RIAA platinum second album, The Inspiration. Alongside his recent hits “My President” & “Put On” ft. Kanye West, Jeezy has also appeared on R&B singles Akon’s “I’m So Paid” & Usher’s #1 hit “Love in this Club” which earned a Grammy Nomination for Best Rap performance by a duo. Continue reading

[video] Star & Buc Wild: HIP HOP ANARCHY

OK, time for confessions. Every morning we wake up to Star & Buck round these parts for the uncut hilarity that they provide to a rather stale game. This though, is the first clip that we’ll be posting simply because they are echoing some integral parts of convos we’ve been having as of lately, spawning from the dustup caused by Joe Budden taking shots at Red & Meth. In particular what he says about Hip Hop having no parameters is pure genius. And more importantly stripping Russell of his erroneous title of “Godfather” when nothing Boss’d up can be attributed to him. Furthermore Bambatta is and always will be the Godfather of this, so get ya facts right.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Souljah Boy, a One-Hit Wonder No More

via LA Times

His meteoric popularity was met with criticism, but the young Atlanta-bred star’s second album is a success too, and rappers are lining up to work with him.

Soulja Boy Tell’em harbors no ill will toward his haters. Not even the ones who since his 2007 debut album, “,” have been loudly — and with almost numbing constancy — calling for the death of the rapper-producer’s career.souljah_boy

He incurred the wrath of an angry hip-hop nation after the meteoric success of his breakthrough single, “Crank That (Soulja Boy),” a by turns menacing and minimalist pop confection that seemed to capture the zeitgeist two year ago. It spent eight weeks atop the national singles chart, resulting in 5.5 million digital downloads and 3 million ring tone sales.

Then came the negativity. Ice-T, the Los Angeles gangsta rapper-turned-costar of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” accused the Atlanta rapper, via 2008 mix tape, of having “single-handedly killed hip-hop” and castigated “Crank That” as “garbage.”

Similarly,Snoop Dogg derided Soulja Boy as a “bubble-gum rapper” and dismissed his music with a barnyard epithet in various radio interviews. Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man said of Soulja Boy: “Lyrically, he’s not the truth. He’s a shorty.” As well, various critics and bloggers called him a one-hit wonder, criticizing the virally popular “Superman” dance Soulja Boy pioneered as “a modern day minstrel show” and, worse in the rapper’s eyes, denouncing him as “the new MC Hammer.”

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Soulja Boy Gets Animated, Launches Web Series Today

via XXL


Teen rap sensation Soulja Boy will be debuting his animated series online today.

SB, who launched his career by utilizing the Internet, will be posting the show on his website, The series, which will incorporate both live-action and animation, will follow the 18-year-old as he is forced to return to high school. Alfonso Ribiero, known for his role as Carlton on the hugely popular TV show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” will be playing the school’s principal.

“I always wanted to do a cartoon since I was younger,” the Atlanta-bred MC said in a statement. “I am excited because I think that the subject matter will give my fans what they would expect from me.”

“Soulja Boy Tell ‘em: The Animated Series” can be found online now.

In related news, SB recently made headlines after his house was robbed. Fortunately the “Crank That” rapper, who was present during the robbery, made it out of the incident unscathed.

Souljah Boy Flops, Album Sells 46,000 copies…Ice T Pops Champagne!!

So it seems all of you who were up in arms when Ice T spoke on what he thought about Souljah Boy’s music and it’s effects on Hip Hop, obviously did not go out and buy his new record.

And who was the genius who put Souljah Boy up to the unrealistic commercials with him saying that he was trying to sell a million copies in a week? The AP video where he now claims to care for his young fans and won’t use terms like “superman that hoe?” The Charles Hamilton beef was even worse. Hopefully this kid has his head on straight and will rebound with another hit but chances are slimmer than his first week sales.

picture-15via Billboard

Teenage rapper Soulja Boy’s “ISouljaBoyTellEm” (ColliPark/Interscope) debuts at a disappointing No. 43 with 46,000; his 2007 debut, “,” began at No. 4 with 117,000, on the strength of the No. 1 Hot 100 hit “Crank That.”

[video] Souljah Boy Apologizes to Parents for ‘Superman that hoe’ lyrics

When you gotta sell an album, you are damn near willing to do anything. Well at least Souljah Boy is and I predict huge flop. Sorry this should have been done last year when you were still on top. Why did you not care about your fans last year when you had kids of all ages saying “Superman that hoe”?  I think this is too little too late and was thought up in some meeting at Interscope.

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[video] Freddie Foxx- HOW TO ROB 2008

Knucke Up

Knucke Up

FREDDIE FOXX– How To Rob 2008

Now lemme be the first to say i notice the parallels between what’s going on in politics and in society with what’s going on in the world of Hip Hop. The “ol skool” is lining up for an epic battle against the “new skool” for respect, if nothing else. Yeah, change gon’ come but for some it won’t be pretty. First Ice-T set it off with the barrage of shots he’s thrown at Souljah Boy, Hurricane Chris, Lil Mama, Mims and other “tweeny bopper” rappers while Bumpy Knuckles comes out of no where with the Howitzer and sprays shots at the rest of the industry on “How To Rob 2008” a revised edition of 50’s massacre of the game’s top dogs in the 90’s. Don’t know what they hope to achieve out of this but if this is how they get some steam off, then I’ll sit back and enjoy listening to the back and forth. Please, don’t mislabel this beef, it is just some necessary rec taking place.

[video] Ice-T Bucks Shots at Mims, Lil Mama and Souljah Boy Tell Em

Ice-T continues to take his campaign to the net and spew shots at his least favorite rappers. In this episode recorded in 2007 he licks shots at Mims, Lil Mama and of course, Souljah Boy prior to the fuselage he unloaded last month. This has ignited raw emotions all throughout the game with some thinking that Ice shouldn’t be leaning on the young boys and others whole heartedly agreeing with Iceberg’s position. I hope something constructive comes out of this discourse, a whole lotta bandwidth is being wasted on it!

LOL! Ice-T vs Souljah Boy Pt.4- Animated Video

The production group Broken Equipment just broke the camel’s back on this here little beef. They ethered Ice with the vintage footage of him doing the “snake.” This squabble is over with Souljah Boy winning by default. LOL. LMAO. SMH. I must admit, it was nice while it lasted but beef over, they got him on this one…it is hilarious!

[video] Round3: Ice T Responds to Souljah Boy’s Rebuttal

Ice-T returns to clean up some fire he sent Souljah Boy’s way. He didn’t renege on his feelings towards Souljah Boy’s music but he acknowledged that he misstepped when he invited the lil homie to his he let his 16-year-old son do the honors! He also apologizes to Hurricane Chris for hitting him with a stray shot about his braids. Iceberg promises to wage a Youtube campaign against what he feels is the latest incarnation of sh*t hop.

MTV Releases “Hottest MCs In The Game” With Few Surprises

This Is Why I\'m Hot

MTV is back at it again with their controversial “Hottest MCs In The Game” list. I’m sure people will be in an uproar about some of the top names in the game that were deleted, like well The Game, Nas, Common and some might even find offense to the exclusion of Souljah Boy. Taking top honors is Mr. Kanye West, King ‘Ye to be exact. Can’t complain too much with that one, but Lil Wayne at number THREE? Jay placed one notch in front of the self-proclaimed martian partially due to his visibility as a result of his business acumen and supposedly for the superb job he did on his critically acclaimed “American Gangster” LP. Below is the remainder of the list. Go [HERE] for a full explanation of the criteria that went into the selection process.

1. Kanye
2. Jay-Z
3. Lil Wayne
4. Rick Ross
5. Snoop Dogg
6. 50 Cent
7. Lupe Fiasco
8. Young Jeezy
9. Andre 3000
10. T.I

School Says “No Souljah Boy Eyebrows”…

Some students at Centennial High School have shaved vertical lines into their eyebrows in a trend recently made popular by hip-hop star Soulja Boy. School officials say the mark looks like a gang symbol.

A very not so new trend of kids putting lines in their eyebrows reignited by the popularity of Souljah Boy has some school administrators thinking the style is “gang related”. They have demanded that kids remove their eyebrows or don’t show up at school at all.

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) Centennial administrators are telling students with the lines that they can’t return to school until they shave their eyebrows off. Assistant Principal Mark Porterfield said the students are not suspended, but they are not allowed in school until they cooperate.

School officials say the mark looks like a gang symbol.

Four students have been sent home. One returned with a bandage covering the shaved brow.

Police say gangs have co-opted the trend for their own use, with one gang’s members marking themselves by shaving one line into an eyebrow and three lines in the other to symbolize 13.
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Souljah Boy Coming For That Number One Spot


Youuuuuuu!  It is an understatement to say that the lil’ homey Souljah Boy is feeling himself.  But he must be realizing what we’ve been trying to say for a minute, in terms of emerging artists that understand the landscape of what it will take to not only survive but thrive in the “new digital” music industry Souljah Boy is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.  The “Crank Dat” phenom dropped by MTV studios and started a whirlwind of controversy by pointing out to them that their Top 10 List needs some necessary revisions.  Peep what he said:

“I’m Grammy-nominated,” he continued, citing his credentials. “If I look at the new list and I compare myself to all 10 of the artists and some don’t add up, I’ll be like, ‘Wow. I should be #1 if it’s right now. I’m #1.”

Soulja Boy was more candid when asked how he ranks specifically against alumni of the first Hottest MCs list, like Weezy, ‘Ye and Jay-Z.

“Right now, yes [I’m hotter than them],” he answered as their names were read to him one by one.

He said he is the best-selling online, highest-ranking on the Web and the most publicized rapper worldwide right now.”

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