[video] Donald Trump Calls for Apple Boycott

After taking aim at the Pope earlier this week, presidential hopeful Donald Trump calls for a boycott of Apple until they allow the government to break into the San Bernadino shooter’s Iphone 5C.

“First of all, Apple ought to give the security for that phone, OK? What I think you ought to do is boycott Apple until such time as they give the security number. How do you like? I just thought it. Boycott Apple,” Trump said at an event here in Pawley’s Island, South Carolina.

[video] Quanell X DESTROYS Angela Box in debate about Ben Fields who body slammed 16-year-old girl

Standing ovation for this brother Quanell X. If you have never seen any of his previous debates concerning racism and brutality in this country you are missing pure unadulterated truth. Here he rips to the shreds the ludicrous argument some has said that this pig was justified in his actions in the way he violently arrested and assaulted that child in that classroom.

WTF! South Carolina Politician Says Michelle Obama Is Related To Escaped Gorilla

via Thisis50

A prominent South Carolina Republican killed his Facebook page Sunday after being caught likening the First Lady to an escaped gorilla.
Commenting on a report posted to Facebook about a gorilla escape at a zoo in Columbia, S.C., Friday, longtime GOP activist Rusty DePass wrote, “I’m sure it’s just one of Michelle’s ancestors – probably harmless.”

Busted by South Carolina political blogger Will Folks, DePass told WIS-TV in Columbia, “I am as sorry as I can be if I offended anyone. The comment was clearly in jest.”

Then he added, “The comment was hers, not mine,” claiming Michelle Obama made a recent remark about humans descending from apes. The Daily News could find no such comment.

“‘Humor’ like this is nothing new for South Carolina Republicans – even as the party claims to be focusing on ‘outreach’ efforts to minorities,” said Folks, a former gubernatorial spokesman and widely read blogger. “The fact that Palmetto [State] Republicans don’t get that this is a serious problem for them baffles us.” Continue reading

States Fight Real ID Program


If you happen to be in possession of a license from Maine or South Carolina due to the state government arguing with the federal government, ID’s from these states will not be recognized at federal ports, like airports and buildings after May 11. These two are not in compliance with the federal governments request that all of the states approve the Real ID program. There are several states that asked for extensions but Maine and S.C. haven’t made their request. The Real ID will be a national identification program that is scheduled to be implemented by Jan. 1, 2010. After this date residents of these two states will have to present additional ID, preferably a passport to travel abroad. To read more of this story about the Real ID program CLICK HERE

Obama Lays Up Caribbean Style


You know everybody deserves a vacation! Sen. Barack Obama layed up Caribbean style in St. Thomas this past weekend and CNN got some exclusive footage of him chilling with the fam plotting his next move. Okay where are all my Hillary lovers that read this blog, I know this is just burning ya’ll up!!
Anyway wanna see more of our next president click here

Hillary’s 3 AM Ad Girl Strikes Back for Obama

 Source : USA TODAY

A couple of weeks ago Hillary Clinton and her campaign team implemented a “throw the kitchen sink at em'” strategy against Sen. Barack Obama who had run off 11 straight primary and caucus victories. Part of that plan was the infamous 3 am red phone ad, which implicated that Barack was unable to respond to a serious security situation. The ad provoked fear and may have scared some wavering Ohio and Texas voters over to Hillary who was in desparate need of a win.

In a ironic twist of fate, the young girl featured in the ad, who filmed the footage as a child actor eight years previous, happened to be a  precint captain for Sen. Barack Obama. Though she had no control over the usage of the footage she vehemently rejected Hillary’s ad and proclaimed that her tactics of fear mongering were wrong. She has concoted her own ad and it has been released. Great stuff.

Obama on Rollingstone


 It is no secret who we support over here at Street Knowledge. Hopefully you seen some of the many cartoons that my partner in crime P Moor has put together about this historical political race we are in right now. Saw this over at The Rap Up. Probably will be one of their biggest issues to date. Classic.

Harley Davidson Riding With DMC For Bike Week



Heads up to any bikers headed to Florida  this week for the Daytona Bike Week festivities, Harley Davidson has tapped the legendary DMC to spearhead their main events.  DMC, one-third of Run-DMC will be sitting in on the festivities March 6 to judge their “Hot Model” contest followed by a fashion show that will take place on the 7th.  Immediately following this fashion show, patrons will be treated to an explosive performance by none other than DMC himself.  So if you so happen to be headed out there CLICK HERE to get more info on this event.  

Hil and Bil “We Swear We Don’t Know This Slumlord”


 In startling revelations that have recently come out, it seems that the same slumlord Hillary chided Barack Obama for having some dealings with, also has had  contact with The Clintons. A pic has surfaced with Hil and Bill (Slick Willie)Clinton and the most famous slumlord in the nation Tony Rezko. When asked about the pic, Hil played dumb and said “she takes thousands of pictures…” Full story @ ABC NEWS via MEDIATAKEOUT

The Thrill of Victory

Not since the glory days of MLK has America been captivated by a speaker that can translate the politics of “Change” so eloquently.  Irregardless of whether people feel like this campaign is one of fantasy or not, what we understand is it’s inspiring and the closest we’ll ever come to the “dream” that has been sold to us as a country.  The most ironic part is that the old stalwarts that stumped for Civil Rights are the very same ones most threatened by the politics Obama represents because it doesn’t come with a price.  Whether he wins it all or not let this be the day that the chain of the Old Negro South (preachers & politicians) was broken and the Old Guard was rendered obsolete, thank God!   

Usher 2 Steps 4 Obama


Mulit-Platinum artist Usher is hitting the campaign stump for Presidential hopeful Barack Obama in a rally in Orangeburg, South Carolina. After losing  two-hotly contested primaries in New Hamphire and Nevada, Obama looks to get back on a winning streak with a win in South Carolina ,which has 50% black democratic voting block. With many black celebrities still on the fence as to who they support, it is good thing to see Usher make a public stand for who he is backing in this election. The question is whether his fellow NBA owner Bob Johnson(Charlotte Bobcats) will attend after making such an ass of himself earlier this week. More of this story @ CNN POLITICAL TICKER

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