[video] Nas – Obey Your Thirst (Episode 2)

Nas shared his story with The FADER x Sprite. “Growing up in Queensbridge, hip-hop was the most amazing thing I’d ever heard,” says Nas in the Obey Your Thirst documentary, made by The FADER and Sprite. “There was nothing more important to me than having a voice. I wanted to make a big impact on this art form. I wanted to open up a doorway for another generation.”

Considering that these are words coming from one of the most revered rappers of all time, behind one of the most beloved albums of all time in 1994’s Illmatic, it’s safe to say that Nas has succeeded in making his dreams a reality. But how did he make it all happen? In the video, Nas gives up-and-comers some advice, insisting on following your vision regardless of what other people say: “Why do something that’s not you? Trust in yourself and always push the envelope.”


[NSFW] Banned Sprite ‘Blow Job’ Ad (FIXED)

Update#2 – They ripped the video off of Youtube but here is a discussion and the video in this chatfest.

Update : Hit the jump to find out what is the real deal with this commercial!!!

What a way to advertise a sugar rush?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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This unbelievable advertisement, produced for Sprite in Germany according to Current TV, has apparently been banned from the air, for pretty obvious reasons. It combines oral sex and the desire for a refreshing Sprite to create a big finish that has to be seen to be believed. It even beats the climax of this similarly-themed ad.

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Lebron To Peddle Vitamin Water

Well, OK. This is how we should be seeing Lebron off the court. This is a still of the Vitamin Water ad that will feature Lebron, airing during the NBA 2008 Playoffs. Usually the “Obey Your Thirst” athlete can be found pitching Sprite, but following in the footsteps of Shaq and Curtis, Bron Bron is demanding that you obey your thirst and get you some Vitamin Water. Since they have him playing a lawyer I want to hear him do the “You can’t handle the truth” line, that should be classic!

Peeped this over at Necole Bitchie