Blackwater’s Contract Renewed In Iraq For Another Year

Amidst a political firestorm about questionable tactics on the battlefield, private security firm Blackwater USA’s multimillion contract to secure government officials in Baghdad has been renewed by the State Department.

Although the firm is being investigated by the FBI for their involvement in a firefight that resulted in 17 unjustified Iraqi civilian deaths the government decided this shouldn’t stop them from awarding the Moyock, N.C. based outift with a third year extension on a five year contract to provide security for diplomats and bureaucrats located within the Green Zone in Baghdad, Iraq. The security firm, which has no oversight by the US military is on somewhat of a probationary status while FBI investigators conclude their investigation.

The contracts can be stripped, the company or the individuals who engaged in the gunfight can be brought up on charges still, but the outcome remains to be seen. In the meantime these “independent contractors” who some have described as mercenaries continue to operate behind enemy lines, still receiving upwards to a billion dollars in their dealings with the same federal government in charge of investigating them.