[video] Manny Ramirez Suspended 50 Games For Drugs

SMH…What a bad look for baseball. I hope this doesn’t leave a stain on players coming from Latin America, you know stigmatize them as being reliant on performance enhancement drugs. There are virtually no Big Dogs left in the game without a question mark attached to their resumes. These players need a hold a joint press conference and address their young fans who are getting the wrong message from all these debacles.

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[pics] Tiger Woods shows off new cub to the public

Is it me or does this dude have some weak genes? His kids look totally white without an ounce of his bi-racial DNA.

via Yahoo

Ladies and gentlemen, Sam and Charlie Woods, the two luckiest kids on earth. If you look really closely, you can see the Nike swoosh tattoos.

Charlie Axel Woods was born on Feb. 8 to Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren (well, mostly to Elin), and these photos from Golf magazine are the first public appearance of the lil’ duffer.

“Both Charlie and Elin are doing great, and we want to thank everyone for their sincere best wishes and kind thoughts,” Woods wrote on his website when Charlie was born. Woods, of course, has been out of the game since the U.S. Open in June 2008, but expects to return to competition in the next few weeks … just in time to dodge the majority of diaper-changing duty.

Indeed, Charlie is a lovely and precious kid. Now, Chuck, tell your daddy to get back to work!

[video] BREAKING NEWS: A-ROD Comes Clean About Juicing

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via ESPN

His voice shaking at times, Alex Rodriguez met head-on allegations that he tested positive for steroids six years ago, telling ESPN on Monday that he did take performance-enhancing drugs while playing for the Texas Rangers during a three-year period beginning in 2001.

“When I arrived in Texas in 2001, I felt an enormous amount of pressure, felt all the weight of the world on top of me to perform, and perform at a high level every day,” Rodriguez told ESPN’s Peter Gammons in an exclusive interview in Miami Beach, Fla. An extended interview will air on SportsCenter at 6 p.m. ET. “Back then, [baseball] was a different culture,” Rodriguez said. “It was very loose. I was young, I was stupid, I was naïve. I wanted to prove to everyone that I was worth being one of the greatest players of all time. “I did take a banned substance. For that, I am very sorry and deeply regretful.”

Rodriguez’s admission comes 48 hours after Sports Illustrated reported that Rodriguez was on a list of 104 players who tested positive for banned substances in 2003, the year when Major League Baseball conducted survey tests to see if mandatory, random drug-testing was needed in the sport. Continue reading

[pics] Steroid ‘Snitch’ Jose Canseco Eats It, Knocked out Cold !!!…

I ran across this great blog Wax Heaven, and as soon as I saw these pics, I figured that a bunch of major league baseball players were celebrating seeing ‘steroid whistle blower’ Jose Canseco eat it in the first round of his celebrity boxing match with former Philadelphia Eagle Vai Sikahema.

This knockout was particularly special to the Sikahema, because legendary big mouth Canseco thought because of his size that he had some type of advantage. Canseco lost.

via ESPN
“When you step inside the square circle,” Sikahema said, according to the Press of Atlantic City, “don’t ever think that your size is going to matter because in Philadelphia, we will chop you down.”

More pics at Waxheaven

Sikahema, who is also a sportscaster, has some experience in the ring. He has had more than 80 fights as an amateur boxer, according to the Press. Canseco said he had a background in martial arts.
Sikahema knocked Canseco down twice — once with a left hook, and the second after a flurry of punches — as the bout was called before the end of the first round.

Koreans Clash With Police Over American Beef

Koreans clash with police over beef

Maybe if American parents were this adamant about their babies not being fed beef on steroids than we wouldn’t be having R. Kelly epidemics in every US hood

Nearly 230 people were arrested early on Sunday as thousands of hardcore South Korean protesters rallying against moves to resume US beef imports fought running battles with police.
Riot police carrying shields used water canon and scuffled with angry demonstrators as they broke up an attempt to march on the presidential office overnight, detaining 228.

The clashes followed mass protests late on Saturday when some 20,000 people joined a candlelit vigil against the government’s decision to import US beef again after an initial ban in 2003 over mad cow fears.

“Police have taken 228 people into custody, and they are subject to interrogation for possible punishment,” a Seoul police spokesman told AFP.
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Canseco introduces A-Rod to Steroid Dealer?

Source : Fox News


In a upcoming book by notorious whistle blower Jose Canseco, writer Joe Lavin claims that the book discusses Canseco introducing A-Rod to a known steroid pusher and that the slugger even tried to bed Jose’s wife.


These revelations will rock the baseball world if proven true because many of the sports biggest stars have fallen due to steroid and human growth allegations. A-Rod is the league’s biggest star and his pursuit of Barry Bonds homerun record is something baseball officials are looking to keep fans interrested in the game post steroids and human growth hormone scandals.

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50 & Others Named In Juicing Probe


G-Unit frontman 50 Cent, R&B Siren Mary J. Blige and Super Producer Timbaland have been named in a probe of possible steriod/human growth hormone users.  While details remain sketchy it is being reported that the superstar’s names have popped up in the year-long investigation launced by Albany DA P. David Soares into the use of steriods in the sports entertainment world.  After some big snares namely in the world of baseball, sights have been set on the music entertainment industry.  Wyclef Jean and movie maker Tyler Perry have also been named in the investigation.  The criminal aspect of the investigation is being limited to the pharmacists, clincs and doctors who allegedly provided the substance.  None of the stars named in the investigation are in jeapordy of being charged with anything, in fact US Senator Charles Schumer has just introduced legislation that would make possession of these substances illegal.  Stay tuned for development as this story takes shape and CLICK HERE for the full article

Update: For a detailed description of the proof the Albany DA has against these stars CLICK HERE to read more.  It appears some of them had drugs sent to their place of residence addressed to them, others used pseudonyms like Michael Jordan and Marlo Stanfield from The Wire.