[video] Steve Harvey pulls a Charles Barkley: ” I Don’t Care For Slavery “

In Steve Harvey’s white washed world slavery is not to be brought up because his massive mainstream success has brain washed him to feel he has no kinship to it. Why talk about slavery which was 400 years of murderous servitude of black people actually kidnapped from their country and the effects of it still reverberating in todays society. The Uncle Tom’s of the modern era are becoming more and more visible each day.

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[video] Steve Harvey blasts Tavis Smiley & Cornel West, calls them ‘UNCLE TOMS’ for criticism of President Obama

Shots fired! This right here is a tough one to call. On the one hand, this administration has not done nearly enough to address the poverty in this country so strong criticism there is justified.  On the other hand Cornel West and Tavis Smiley seem to have an axe against the President and are not offering any solutions to the problem outside of pointing fingers. This is gonna get nasty and probably will not bring about any solutions in the long run.

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“I was a huge fan of Cornel West,” said Harvey. “[But] Tavis, I seen him coming a mile away. His anger started when he had a town hall meeting, President Obama couldn’t come because of the campaign trail and he sent Mrs. Obama. He has held that grudge every since. You don’t have any real basis behind your dislike for this man…you keep masking it saying it’s not about hate. Then what is it about? Poverty existed before January 20, 2008. Where was your damn bus then?”

Harvey then clowned West and Smiley in a skit titled UTLO.org – “Uncle Tom Look Out” where an Uncle Tom is driving the bus.

Steve Harvey releases court document proves ex-wife Mary Harvey is bold faced liar

Well though I don’t agree with his philosophy on men and women per see, I do support him releasing these court documents to prove this chick is a bold faced liar. So all you people ,especially ladies who were ready to jump to her side once she made those youtube videos you were dead wrong including me. If you check the pic out looks like he even paid for her boob job.

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Some of the documents released Tuesday are redacted, but they say the court found that Mary Harvey:

— “was not homeless or evicted from her home and was awarded three homes in the property settlement;”

— that Harvey “did not take, withhold or turn the child against Mary Lee Harvey;”
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Rebuilding Together: Comfort Inn by Choice Hotels & “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” join to rehabilitate Homes

Hey guys, every so often I run across a story that needs to be spread amongst all the other craziness we see in the media everyday. Here is a great program to help homeless families sponsored by Comfort Inns with help from Steve Harvey. Special thanks to Angel for the heads up. Do whatever you can to support these guys and their efforts. Check out some pics,video, and press release below:

Comfort Inn by Choice Hotels and Rebuilding Together host 15th annual NFL sanctioned Kickoff to Rebuild with ‘Steve Harvey Morning Show.'”

Rebuilding Together is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization working to preserve affordable homeownership and to revitalize neighborhoods by providing critical home repair to those in need.  Every year, the organization coordinates Kickoff to Rebuild in Super Bowl cities where one neighborhood is selected for a day of home renovation projects.

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Hill Harper’s new book “The Conversation” takes on Black Relationships

Available for Pre-Sale at Amazon.com (Click Here)

Available for Pre-Sale at Amazon.com (Click Here)

The  CSI actor and author of “Letters to a Young Brother” and “Letters to a Young Sister,” Hill Harper discusses black relationships in his new book “The Conversation.”  While the official release date is September 8, Harper encourages people to support “The Conversation” via pre-sales to prove to prospective sponsors of his planned city-to-city book tour, which includes town hall discussions, that this issue is important.

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[video] Another Comedian Bites the Dust: Katt Williams Says He Is Retiring?

What is it in the comedian’s psyche that always seem to pop up when they are at the top of their game. I have spoken with a up and coming comedian and he told me that it takes 10 years to get good and 15 to be great. Katt says in this clip he has been doing standup for 18 years and he has had enough.
He definitely filled the void left by Dave Chapelle and to hear him talk of retirement is shocking and sad. Another great one bites the dust.

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The Humor Mill reports “Here is our interview we did with Katt Williams where he talks about his dispute with Steve Harvey and with Jamie Foxx, plus he talks about his retirement. We asked him about his retire 3 times because he has a contract on the table with Comedy Central worth about $50 MILLION dollars that he is walking away from. ”