Mayweather Kicks Big Shows Ass (Pics)

Source: WWE



Wrestlemania proved this Sunday “to be the greatest show on earth”. With a jam packed four hour program that featured the likes of Snoop Dogg, John Legend, Raven Symone and many others the WWE broke attendance records and pay-per -view viewers.

With all the bells and whistles Vince could of possibly imagined, the main event was Floyd Mayweather vs. The Big Show.

ORLANDO, Fla. – At WrestleMania XXIV, Floyd Mayweather put his “money” where his mouth was, running his professional record to 40-0 with a shocking knockout of the 7-foot, 441-pound Big Show.

While he may not have come through on his promise to break the mammoth’s jaw, he did, in fact, shock the Citrus Bowl-record crowd of 74,635 WWE fans and millions more watching around the world on pay-per-view by felling Big Show like a giant redwood. The victory, however, didn’t come without a bit of chicanery

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WWE Is Making P-13 Movies

John Cena “The Marine”

Kane”See No Evil”

The WWE is putting some serious muscle in their film divison to capture audiences beyond just horror or action films. According to Variety they have added high level execs to produce movies suitable for a PG 13 audience.

Having released three flicks so far they are looking to leverage their strong brand awareness to put behinds in the theatre. First flick from the new team is “12 Rounds” starring John Cena.
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