Mike Vick Headed for State Court In June


Mike Vick is headed for the doghouse, I mean courthouse on state charges stemming from his dog fighting debacle at the end of June. His trail date was originally set for April 2 but citing that Vick plus two co-defendants are serving federal time dispersed throughout the US in federal lockup the state needed additional time to put the feds on notice so they can deliver the prisoner. The State of Virginia will have to pay to transport Vick from Leavenworth Kansas where he is serving out his 23-month sentence for dogfighting conspiracy.

Vick is scheduled to be released next year, on July 20. One of his co-defendants, Tony Taylor was released last Thursday after serving two months for cooperating with the feds. CLICK HERE for more Mike Vick news.

Host of Stop Snitching DVD Has Host of Problems


Source: SOHH

 The host of the popular “Stop Snitching” DVD series has been indicted for reportedly threatening a store owner who refused to sell the DVD. According to the Baltimore Examiner, Ronnie “Skinny Suge” Thomas, was recently indicted as part of a larger sting which was responsible for a bust of 28 reported members of the TTP Bloods gang, of which authorities claim Thomas is a member. Federal prosecutors claim that the Baltimore-based gang was responsible for a number of violent acts including murders, shootings, robberies, intimidating witnesses and drug dealing. According to the indictment, on February 14 Thomas apparently confronted a store owner who refused to sell his “Stop Snitching 2” DVD. In response, Thomas allegedly threatened the owner with violence, saying that members of the gang would come back and attack the store.  Continue reading