Sharpton Says “I Didn’t Extort Dr.Dre…”

Source: HipHopDx

There has been alot of controversy around this book ‘Rolling Wit Dre’ written by Bruce Williams. He snitched to HipHopDx last week that Rev. Al pushed up on Dr. Dre for money concerning the 50 Cent and The Game Beef or he was gonna stage a march. Well Rev. Al has made statement and both sides sound like there is still another side to be spoken..the truth.

This afternoon, Sharpton responded through a statement from his National Action Network. “At no point has Reverend Al Sharpton or an authorized representative of National Action Network met with Dr. Dre.

Interscope Records participated–as did other record companies– in National Action Network’s previous Hip-Hip Town Hall meeting and has sponsored events at our annual national convention for several years. In fact, representatives of their companies appear in documentary footage by National Action Network raising the issue of responsibility of the music industry and artists. All of this happened after this incident and had no direct connection. Our work around this issue of responsibility in the music industry continues today.”

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Dirty LA Cop Gets 100 Plus Years…

Source : AP

Dirty cops are nothing new. There have some who have taken license with the badge for decades and some justice is finally being served to a corrupt officer from the infamous Rampart Division in LA.
Editor’s note : This same division also contained Rafael Perez (immortalized by Denzel Washington in his Oscar winning performance in “Training Day”) and David Mackie who were bodyguards for Suge White and are long suspected of having something to do with the murder of Tupac and Biggie Smalls.

A Former Los Angeles police officer who participated in home invasion robberies staged to look like police raids was sentenced Monday to 102 years in prison.

William Ferguson, 35, was convicted of participating in more than 40 phony raids from early 1999 to June 2001 at homes in working-class neighborhoods while he worked at the department’s scandal-ridden Rampart Division.

In January, a federal jury convicted him of conspiracy to deprive people of their civil rights, conspiracy to possess marijuana and cocaine, violating the civil rights of others and using a firearm during a violent crime.

Ferguson’s sentence was so severe because he was convicted of four firearms charges which carry a mandatory sentence of 82 years in prison.

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[pics] BREAKING NEWS! New Photos of Suge Laid Out!!!

Death of a Dynasty?
They say a picture is worth a thousand words…well this one says it all! Check the pics of the culprit, the man responsible for putting a LEGEND to bed and they even got pics of Suge and his boys rat-packing the dude.

Death of a Dynasty?
The brawler, who owns a barbershop in L.A., tells us he was playfully arguing with a friend outside the club about money when Suge, who’s also friends with the man, misunderstood and thought it was serious. He stepped up to defend his boy — and that’s when the altercation took place. He also says reports he had a weapon are untrue.

Get this — the barber (he didn’t want us to use his name) is only 5’10” and weighs 173 lbs. Suge stands 6’3″ and tips the scales at 315 lbs. Dayum!


Snoop Dogg & 311 Go On Tour


In what seems like an artist moving further and further away from his core fanbase, vocoder singing Snoop Dogg is set to go on tour with 311 (who even remembers them!?). After seeing Snoop Dogg singing country on VH1 Storytellers last night, this will be his lowest selling album to date.

From Billboard :
311 and Snoop Dogg are teaming for the summer co-headlining Unity tour, which will also feature support from rock act Fiction Plane. The outing will begin June 24 in Phoenix and run through Aug. 3 in Austin, Texas.

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Suge Knight… Comptons Most Unwanted!!


It seeems the city of Compton wants nothing to do with Suge Knight or the Piru Blood Gang he has been associated with for years. The city is saying these gang organizations and Suge himself, are the cause of  many of the murder, drugs, and violence that plagues Compton and many other communities across the nation. With Suge’s money problems,the unresolved murders of Big and Pac still over his head, and the rise of Crooked I,this is just another thing he probably wish would go away. Full story at Thug Life Army


Former Bloods Gang founder T Rogers works now to keep youth out of gangs across America.