[video] E:60 – Marshawn Lynch: Beast Mode

Why didn’t they just give this man the damn ball? Pete Carol made the dumbest mistake in NFL history by not giving Beast Mode the ball but either way Marshawn Lynch won.

They call him “Beast Mode” because with the ball in his hands, Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is fierce and determined. In an exclusive interview, Lynch discusses how the violent streets of Oakland shaped him.

[pic] Erin Andrews & Eric Sherman do Superbowl Pre-Game Interview

I guess this a giant middle finger to all the closeted keyboard racists who came to her rescue ,when the so-called “thug” Eric Sherman and her did one of the most memorable post game interviews in sports history.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 3.31.09 PM

via USA Today

Despite many people thinking Andrews was uncomfortable with the situation, the Fox sideline reporter told For The Win she loved the interview. She also said she immediately reached out to Sherman and the Seahawks following the Twitter blow up to make sure they knew all was well.

“That was awesome,” she said. “That was so awesome. And I loved it.”

NFL to Monitor Super Bowl Celebrations for Gang Signals


via Telegraph UK

You will not see anything like Salomon Kalou’s ‘handcuff’ sign on Wednesday night for Chelsea, or Robbie Fowler pulling up his shirt to reveal a T-shirt supporting sacked dockers in 1997.

The NFL acted in the wake of the murder of Darrent Williams, a cornerback for the Denver Broncos, who was shot on Jan 1, 2007 during an altercation with gang members.

From the start of this season, there was a ban on players flashing gangland hand signals for on-field celebrations. A team of experts, or ‘spotters’, were hired to analyse video footage of games.

With 140 million expected to watch in the United States, the Super Bowl being broadcast to 220 countries around the world, and NBC selling 30-second advertising slots at $3 million each – the NFL will watch with great vigour.

The NFL are also aware that there is a danger of being seen as ‘institutionally racist’, fuelling a stereotype that black players are most likely to be criminals. But many believe that the influence of gangs such as the Bloods, Crips, MS-13 and Black Guerilla Family should not infiltrate the sport.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell means business in his third year in charge. Goodell hired experts in gang culture this season to determine which signs are emblematic. Referees were also asked to look out for “symbols, clothing, jewellery or other items that would signify an association with criminal gang enterprises”, according to NFL commissioners. Continue reading

Jennifer Hudson to Make Triumphant Return During Super Bowl

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This just inJennifer Hudson will make her return to the spotlight after the horrific murder of her mother Darnell Donerson, brother Jason Hudson and nephew Julian King this February singing the National Anthem at the nation’s biggest sporting event. J-Hud hasn’t made any public appearances or spoken on the case and William Balfour the estranged husband of her sister Julia has since been charged with their murders. This could be the most heart felt performance since Whitney Houston brought the house down in 1991!

There were some rumors she was to perform at Barack Obama’s inaguration ceremony but those were confirmed as untrue, unless sombody’s throwing us a curve. After the Super Bowl on February 1st expect to see J-Hud get the love of the music industry at the Grammy’s on February 8th where she’s up for four awards including Best R&B Album.