Washington Rapper ‘Swag’ Accused of Running Massive Oxycotin Drug Ring

Note to all you bogus self proclaimed drug dealing rappers, this is what happens when you are a real drug dealer, you get tracked by the Feds you don’t get a record deal, you get arrested and charged.

Everett rapper Swag performs in Marysville in May 2009. He opened for multi-platinum artist Juvenile at the show, and credited his friendship with Juvenile for the rapper's appearance in Marysville. But police say informants told them Swag paid Juvenile $40,000 to perform.


via Heraldnet.com

Swag’s rap persona may be more than just an image. If the cops have it right, he is exactly what his music says he is — a hustler, a drug dealer, a gangster.

Swag, whose real name is Jevon Lawson, has been the target of a lengthy investigation into drug trafficking in Snohomish County.

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