[video] T-Pain Sings Without Autotune, Internet Goes Nuts

T-Pain has finally, once and for all ,proved that he is a true talent by singing some of his biggest hits without the use of autotune.

T-Pain’s fingerprints are all over pop and R&B and hip-hop. He wasn’t the first musician to use Auto-Tune as an instrument — he noticed it on a Jennifer Lopez remix, and remembers “Deep” well — but it was, as he says, his style. For a while, in the mid-2000s, he lived at the top of the charts. He dominated that brief moment of our lives when ringtones were a thing. He was celebrated as an innovator, and he happily took his talents where he was invited, which was everywhere.

But somewhere along the way, somebody got it twisted. “People felt like I was using it to sound good,” says T-Pain, in an interview that will air on All Things Considered. “But I was just using it to sound different.”

He just turned 30, but T-Pain has already done enough to drop a greatest hits album next week. We asked him if he’d grace the Tiny Desk without any embellishment or effects to show what’s really made his career: his voice, and those songs.–FRANNIE KELLEY

“Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin’)”
“Up Down (Do This All Day)”
“Drankin’ Patna”


[video] President Obama White House Correspondents Dinner Speech Enters to “All I Do Is Win”

The President makes his grand entrance to DJ Khaled’s “All I Do isWin” ft. T Pain at last night’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

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White House Correspondents’ Dinner: Obama Jokes About Radical Second-Term Changes

Obama used this year’s annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner to poke fun at himself and some of his political adversaries, asking if it was still possible to be brought down a peg after 4½ years as commander-in-chief.

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[video] T-Pain releases new Android “Booty Symphony” App (NSFW)

I guess booty shaking has gone mainstream. Expect this to be purchased by horny teenage boys everywhere.

Check out Booty Symphony, the new app powered by T-Pain’s label Nappy Boy Entertainment.  The app lets users conduct 30-second music videos from “Booty Soundboards” based on songs from the Nappy Boy catalogue including Tay Dizm’s “Point Em Out” and Young Cash’s “I’m a Freak” and “I Support Single Mothers.”

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[video] Just A Minstrel (Calling out Drake, Rick Ross,T-Pain, Nikki Minaj, Gucci Mane, and Black Eyed Peas )


Definitely had to post this video and the video with T-Pain and Sean Hannity is probably the lowest moment in the video in terms of rappers they discuss. Point well taken fellas.

Paradise Gray directs this scathing critique of the current climate of rap music featuring Jasiri X, Isada Tariq and Living Proofe and produced by Idasa Tariq. I edited the video myself so whoever got a problem with it let me know…but you know it’s true

The 10 Most Ridiculous Rapper Chains

This list is so on point. And the commentary is hilarious. Props to the Bizarre for compiling this list.

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Rappers love their jewelry. Some rappers don’t even have their own homes but as long as the ice is right, it’s all gravy like Fat Joe’s dinner table. I’ve seen some cool rapper chains…but I’ve also seen a lot of terrible ones. More often than not rappers seem to buy chains for reaction rather than thinking “is this something I’ll actually wear a week from now?” Here are the 10 most ridiculous rapper chains.
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[audio] Jay-Z- D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)


Jay-Z– D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)

CLICK [HERE] for AUDIO/Dirty w/Hot 97 f*ckery

CLICK [HERE] for CD Quality

Let the debates begin! Is the GOD MC being blasphemous for taking shots at his peer group, when this issue should’ve been addressed last year when Autotune was running rampant and he was cashing checks from 808 & Heartbreak? Either which way the track is tight and N.Y. needs something to make them get off their arse.

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T-Pain To Star As ‘Frylock’ In Aqua Teen Hunger Force

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Producer/rapper/singer T-Pain will play the character “Frylock” in the first ever live-action episode of Adult Swim’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force.t-pain

Aqua Teen Hunger Force airs during the Adult Swim block of programming on the Cartoon Network.

The animated series is centered around three fast-food menu items and their lives in an unnamed city in New Jersey.

T-Pain will star in the season finale alongside Jon Benjamin, who will be featured as “Master Shake.”

“Carl’s” role will be played by newcomer Dave Long Jr, who won a Burger-King sponsored casting call in 2008.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force debuted in 2000 and has become one of the longest running cartoon’s on The Cartoon Network.

This season’s final episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force is scheduled to air on Adult Swim, Sunday, May 31 at 11:45pm (ET/PT).

T-Pain Reveals Golf Accident Details, “I Got My Teeth Fixed The Same Day”

t-pain-rap-jv091via SOHH

Grammy-winning singer T-Pain recently confirmed reports of being involved in a golf accident that knocked out some of the singer’s teeth.

“There’s a lot of talk that I flipped over in a golf cart,” Pain said. “That’s f*cking true. It did happen like three days ago. My a** is on fire right now. My side hurt, my mouth hurt. I bust my a**. I’d show you the marks, but I don’t wana pull my pants down right now. I got my teeth fixed the same day. Rich n*gga teeth. I don’t give a f*ck how many golf cats I flip over…If I was any less of a showman tonight, I apologize.” (Rap-Up)

Pain’s golf cart incident reportedly took place last Wednesday (March 25) in Texas.

T-Pain was in a golf cart accident where he injured himself losing four teeth and receiving cuts and bruises to his face. “He’s gonna be in the video,” Lil’ Kim said about Pain’s appearance in her upcoming “Download” music video. “But we gotta wait until he heals and gets better…Get better baby, we can’t wait to see you.” (Hip Hollywood) Continue reading

T-Pain Hit W/ $5 Million Lawsuit, Offers “Death Threat” Defense


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T-Pain has received a $5 million breach of contract lawsuit after kidnapping and death threats caused him to miss a concert last month in Guyana.

Pain was also paid $75,000 in advance according to the lawsuit filed Monday (March 23) in Broward Circut Court.

Hits Jams, the Georgetown-based concert producer and promoter, along with three of its officers, also sued T-Pain’s Nappy Boy Touring and Chase Entertainment of Fort Lauderdale. T-Pain was to headline the Republic Day event on Feb. 23. Hits and Jams provided more than a dozen airline tickets for T-Pain and his entourage, including seven in first class. The contract also called for: a ”four-star hotel or better” with Cartoon Network and 24-hour room service; a stadium dressing room with a private bathroom; and bottles of Grey Goose, Gran Patrón Platinum and Hennessy, and Gatorade and herbal tea. (Miami Herald)

Chase Entertainment rep David Abram claims he offered to return the $75,000 because death threats forced the singer to cancel his performance.

”It was a legitimate security threat.” Chase, T-Pain’s management company, did not want to put the artist in ”harm’s way,” Abram said in a statement. ”We feel horrible about not being able to play the concert…We are going to do what needs to be done to make this right with the promoters. They’re a good company. We’re a good company.” (Six Shot) Continue reading

T-Pain to release Auto-Tune app for iPhone


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Another reason to buy the iPhone, so you can sound JUST like T-Pain. Mr. Pain is teaming up with the famed Auto-Tune designer Antares to develop an iPhone app that lets you speak and record your voice with the signature Auto-Tune sound.

According to the LA Times, the app won’t let you alter your voice on actual phone calls but instead you will be able to record your Auto-Tuned voice over the beats of T-Pain and listen to them on your iPhone. Under the deal with Antares, T-Pain will do the majority of marketing and publicity for the app and will receive an undisclosed royalty for each app sold. More details to come as the deal continues to develop.

T-Pain’s other business deals included a Pepsi ad campaign and a promotional deal with auto manufacturer Hyundai.