[video] T-PAIN v. His Vocoder(LMAO!!!)

Now watch every site pick up this video after he give it the Street Knowledge Media co-sign. Just remember you are stealing from the best.(let’s see how long it takes Mediatakeout to post this vid). Anyway check out T-Pain have it out with his vocoder.

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Starring T-Pain, Eric Appel, and Chad Carter. Written by Chad Carter. Directed by Jake Syzmanski.T-Pain’s new album THR33 RINGZ in stores 11/11/08 Featuring the hit singles Can’t Believe It featuring Lil Wayne & Chopped & Skrewed featuring Ludacris

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T-Pain Buys A Hearst, Preps New Album

This guy with all of his hits is really getting more ecentric by the minute, but who cares? If he wants to be the Hip Hop & R+B version of Ringling Brothers let em’!!

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“I have some new favorites – an ’07 Lamborghini Gallardo and ’91 Cadillac hearse,” T-Pain tells PEOPLE. “My hearse has just been painted orange. I just got a blue top put on it and I’ve got a matching blue fiberglass coffin in the back.”

What’s inside that coffin? “Speakers and TVs,” says the rapper, whose hearse was part of a recent photo shoot for his upcoming album Thr33 Ringz, out Nov. 11 on Nappy Boy/Konvict/Jive Records.

Because the hearse was used to transport bodies until recently, T-Pain admits the lingering odors from embalming fluid has been a problem. “We had to Febreeze the hell out of the car,” he says. “Everyone is afraid of it. But I don’t think of it in that way. It’s a car.”