Craigslist Prosititution Task Force Busts Online Tricks

via wcbstv

A Westchester County couple with two children is the latest targets in a crackdown on prostitution.

Police told CBS 2 HD on Friday that the couple used craigslist to find clients for their bordello in the ‘burbs. craigslist_art

Richard Salvatore and Rachel Grome are husband and wife — now accused as pimp and prostitute.

They are a team that allegedly used the popular Web site to market services that involved illegal sex.

Cops said they hosted “Johns” at their townhouse in a quiet Rye Brook neighborhood.

“I feel like craigslist has really brought 42nd Street and Times Square right into people’s home,” Rye Brook Police Chief Gregory Austin told CBS 2 HD.

Austin said it’s keeping area departments busy.

Craigslist is loaded with ads offering sex. The ad allegedly posted by Salvatore and Grome presented her as a college girl “just looking for help with my tuition.” Continue reading