[video] Kevin Gates on Eating Groceries, Adele, and Winnie the Pooh being a Drug Addict

The guilty pleasure of rap today has to be Kevin Gates. Here is a frank discussion on a bunch of different subjects in this overrated or underrated segment from Pitchfork who have been accused of exploiting the negative aspects of Hip Hop culture. This right here will do nothing to change that view.

Kevin Gates talks about whether Leonardo DiCaprio, Taylor Swift, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are overrated or underrated.

[Video] Kanye West vs. Matt Lauer (Best Television in the History of Mankind)

Ahh man I am so freakin’ mad that I took so long to post this video. This has to be the greatest television interview ever. Please if you ever liked great TV please watch this. I think this is the first time ever that a guest has told people to be quiet in the background while taping. Kanye was so positive with reparing his image in the public and he seemed to have gotten past it until George Bush came along with different plans. Wow.

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SOURCE: Necole Bitchie

[video] Twilight Teen Karate Chops off Kanye’s Head on SNL

Source: Popeater

The Kanye-Taylor Swift jokes are getting old.

These are officially banned in 2010. Here is the kid Taylor Lautner from mega-franchise Twilight, doing some bit where he defends Swift from Mr. West at the Vma’s.

I must say the superhero back flip was badass and so was the handwork with the stick. Would have been crazy if the kicks would have completed the job but you guys check it out for yourself.

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Kanye will make appearance at Taylor Swift’s SNL Hosting Gig

This is definitely will take his career off life support.

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via Newser

– Just when the Kanye West-Taylor Swift meme was starting to ebb a bit, there’s this from the rumor mill: West, awards-show interrupter, will make a cameo when Swift, awards-show interruptee, hosts Saturday Night Live on Nov. 7. Quoth gossip maven Perez Hilton: “Sources tell us this is very likely to happen!” (Italics, exclamation his.) Stay tuned, then.

Ouch! Amber Rose gets Diamond Studded Lip Ring (pics)

Picture 23Source: HuffPost

You gotta love Amber Rose. The always seen and seldom heard model and arm candy of Kanye West knows how to make the press without so much as uttering a word. Here she goes with her new diamond studded lip ring that only she can pull off. Hopefully she did not put a hole in her lip. Anyway why hate the girl she has got it! Hit the break for a full shot of the sexiest chick in the Hip Hop world.

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[Op-Ed] Obama’s Brilliant “Jackass” Remark Boosts Image And Makes Fools Out Of ABC by Henry Blodget

Source: Breitbart

Video Emerges of Obama Calling Kanye West a ‘Jackass’`

I thought that this assessment was brilliant in that our President is a calculating genius and we have yet to see his best moves. Checkmate Fox News.

via Business Insider

Lost in the huge media fracas about how President Obama called Kanye West a “jackass” and whether ABC should have reported it and whether ABC’s groveling apology would restore its access to precious Obama scoops is the observation that Obama played this brilliantly.

To wit:

  • Obama is way too smart not to know that calling Kanye West a jackass on a live feed monitored by several rabidly competitive reporters would not get reported by someone. Continue reading

Staged or Real: Drunk Kanye makes ass of himself at MTV VMA’s (Video)

Update: Well the debate is whether or not this is staged. Take a vote and let us know what you think.

What the f*ck is wrong with this dude? According to HuffPost Beyonce called Taylor Swift out to give her interrupted speech when she won for Single Ladies. Epic fail for Kanye West. (We will be getting an all caps rant on Kanye West University probably tomorrow).

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