[video] TIL how much Green Screens are really used in Movies and Television

If you are not familiar with REDIT, TIL stands for Today I Learned. Anyway check out another demonstration of how much television is really smoke and mirrors via the magical green screen. Courtesy of MartinVanBallin.

Stargate Studios’ ( http://www.stargatestudios.net ) Virtual Backlot Reel 2009. Music: “Lion Heart” by Emancipator http://www.emancipatormusic.com

[video] Sesame Street bans Katy Perry ‘Hot N’ Cold’ video

Katy Perry is too sexy for Sesame Street. Seems that is the way a bunch of parents feel once they saw this video below of her ‘Hot N Cold’ collabo with Elmo. You decide.

via NY Times

In a statement, Sesame Workshop wrote:

“Sesame Street has a long history of working with celebrities across all genres, including athletes, actors, musicians and artists. Sesame Street has always been written on two levels, for the child and adult. We use parodies and celebrity segments to interest adults in the show because we know that a child learns best when co-viewing with a parent or care-giver.

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CSI Expands to the Web,Mobile, and Gaming

CSI creator Anthony Zuiker is expanding the hugely popular CSI franchise to the web,mobile, and gaming platforms. This is an effort to engage viewers who have left en masse regular television for the web. I predict a CSI video game to be a top seller and for the franchise to spawn a movie.

The creator of the “CSI” franchise suggested a model, what he calls Cross Blending Storytelling, during a panel session Monday at the annual convention of the National Assn. of Broadcasters.

Zuiker said that viewing behavior has shifted. “I lost 8 million viewers on our premiere last season. Where are they? They’re on the Web,” he said. “People are consuming more and more content on the Web. … The broadcast model in terms of advertising is a little bit broken.”

Cross Blending Storytelling, he said, involves “launching a narrative from television to the Web to mobile to gaming and back to television

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