Fat Joe to Release Recession-Friendly Kicks


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Joey Crack may have started a trend of licking the soles of your unworn Air Force Ones thanks to his unforgettable closet feature on MTV Cribs, but Joe now has his own shoe with the new low cost brand Protege.



Terror Squad gets a call out on the upper of the shoes dubbed The Recession.  Protege, like Starbury, is one of the latest low cost shoe brands started up by NBA players distributed exclusively to cost conscious outlets that include K-Mart.  This initial sketch made it to the web today via SneakerFiles but is getting many to wonder if Fat Joe has hung up his Nike’s for something that’s his own.  No word yet if these will sport the $35 price tag that most Protege shoes go for.

We’ll leave this up to you.  Copped or Flopped?

Remy & Pap 2 Wed On Rikers Island


Hip Hop’s newest it couple Remy Ma & Papoose are due to be married on Rikers Island while she awaits sentencing on her recent convictions for assault, weapon possession and attempted coercion.

Source: Breitbart via AP

They’re much in love,” Fisher said. “They’re very committed to each other, and they had intended to marry one way or another.”

About 200 weddings are performed each year at Rikers Island, which offers chaplains and chapels, said city Department of Correction spokesman Stephen Morello. Only two guests will be permitted, and the couple won’t be allowed to wear rings with protruding gems.

Remy Ma was nominated for a Grammy as part of the Terror Squad for the 2004 hit “Lean Back.” She also has recorded with rap stars Busta Rhymes and Eminem.

Papoose’s “Born To Win” was featured on the top-selling football video game “Madden NFL 06,” and the music magazine Rolling Stone named him one of its “10 Artists to Watch” in 2006.

The Brooklyn rapper, whose real name is Shamele Mackie, also attracted attention with a track called “50 Shots,” in which he vented his anger about a fatal 2006 New York City police shooting of an unarmed man who was hours away from getting married.

Remy Ma Trial: Convicted, TI Trial: Pleads Guilty-UPDATE SEE VIDEO


Well it seems that Remy Ma has been convicted by the jury and faces and hell of a long time in the slammer. Its a shame that she will probably spend at least a decade in jail and this will probably end her career. Shameful indeed. According to SOHH, who said their reporters were present in the courtroom when the verdict was handed down, Remy was caught off guard by the outcome.

Her lawyer, Ivan Fisher said, “Remy didn’t expect this…she didn’t tell her eight-year old son, who she left this morning [she would not be returning home].”
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Remy Lawyer Says It Was Accident In Closing Arguements


Remy Ma trial is coming to a close and her lawyer has stated that this was all an accident and that the victim’s testimony supports that. Her defense lawyer hopes the jury will believe this scenario and find her not guilty of first-degree assault amongst other charges. This verdict in this case is one that will definetly resonate in the hip hop community,due to the fact that this will be the third prominent female star(Lil kim & Foxy Brown) that would have been convicted and sent to jail. In a genre that is already starved for female stars this doesn’t look good. More of the story at Sohh