McCain Advisor Apologizes For Saying ‘9/11’ Type Attack Would Benefit McCain

why did Bush knock down the Towers?

Let’s be clear, while the notion of a shadow government inflicting “terrorist” attacks on the Homeland of America to gain political advantage may be a foreign concept to some we here at STREET KNOWLEDGE put nothing past the criminal element that is pervasive in Washington politics. Why do they always incite the propaganda of fear when their backs are against the wall? Because it is a method that has consistently worked to their advantage so I find it as no surprise that McCain’s Republican cronies would be insinuating that to tip the balance of the election some more domestic terrorism is being ordered up, after all no one has answered for 9/11 as of yet. (see Loose Change).

via Reuters

FRESNO, California (Reuters) – A top adviser to Republican presidential candidate John McCain apologized on Monday after he was quoted as saying a September 11-type attack before the November election would benefit McCain.

The campaign of Democrat Barack Obama condemned the remark by McCain political adviser Charlie Black, calling it a “complete disgrace.”
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