Its bugged to see that Nicola Tesla is all the rave this year in the science world.  It’s never too late to recognize genius I guess.

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It’s a picture that’s sure to make your hair stand on end.

A daredevil inventor has created a shocking new image of Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’ – by shooting 500,000 volts of electricity down his body as he sat in the pose.

Using a home-built Tesla coil pieced together from junk and bits from hardware stores, Peter Terren risked his life to make the electrifying image.

He was also only protected from painful death by electrocution by a layer of cheap builders’ foil.

Terren, from Bunbury, Western Australia,said: ‘I wanted to convey the concept of the modern electrical age with the barrage of electrical interference in our lives. So much is happening and demanding our attention that it is difficult to “think”.

‘I decided upon a real life posture like the thinker with a lot of electrical activity around me with sparks onto my body.’

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Tesla’s Roadster Rolls 241 Miles on Single Charge! The Days of Petro are Doomed


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If one drives the Roadster “as it was intended to be driven,” you’ll probably only get around 125 miles out of it before things slowly grind to a halt. If you toss on your economy shoes and take things a bit easier, it’s apparently possible to get well over 200 miles on a single charge.

As the story goes, Tesla’sfirst all-electric whip managed to cruise 241 miles in a Monte Carlo e-rally, running from the town of Valance in France to the Principality of Monaco. Better still, the vehicle’s battery meter showed 36 miles left on the “tank” when it crossed the finish line, giving it a theoretical range of around 280 miles.

If all these figures hold up under critical scrutiny, Tesla will set the world record for the longest distance traveled by a production EV on a single charge. Now, if only it could set the world record for most EVs actually produced by an EV company, we’d really feel the need to celebrate.