[video] Omarosa speaks on Fame, Life After The Apprentice

The homie Brent (Iced Media) shot this over yesterday. TV One has an exclusive with reality show queen Omarosa who speaks on Life after The Apprentice and the effect of fame on her career.

Omarosa answers the question: “Would you give up fame for a normal life?” See more of her life on “Life After” Sun. Sept. 27 @ 10pm (ET) on TV One. Omarosa will be tweeting LIVE during the episode. Follow #tvonetv now!

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Ban ‘Midget’ From TV, Little People Group Says

I have seen much worse things concerning the use of the word midget in television and film and the Celebrity Apprentice seems to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. More below:

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via HuffPost

NEW YORK — Little people are calling on the Federal Communications Commission to ban the use of the word “midget” on broadcast TV.

The group Little People of America said Sunday the word is just as offensive as racial slurs.

The request was prompted by an April episode of NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” that the group said was demeaning.

In the episode, contestants created a detergent ad called “Jesse James and the Midgets.” The contestants, including Joan Rivers, suggested bathing little people in the detergent and hanging them to dry.

Calls to the FCC and “Celebrity Apprentice” host Donald Trump were not immediately answered Sunday. NBC Universal representatives didn’t immediately respond to e-mail messages, and the telephone rang unanswered at their Los Angeles office.

O.J Wants To Be Celebrity Apprentice, NBC says “Hell No!!”..

NBC representatives have never considered O.J. Simpson for the next season of \'The Apprentice,\' nor will,\" NBC spokesperson Amanda Ruisi said.


Just when thought the life of media pariah O.J Simpson could get any weirder, it has. Currently on bail after recent robbery charges concerning his memorobilia [he claims was swindled from him],reports are speculating that he has approached Donald Trump about taking part in reality show Celebrity Apprentice, a new and revamped version of The Apprentice.

Reps for The Donald have confirmed a convo between the two, but did not disclose what they chatted about on the phone (obviously nothing about any of his recent legal run-ins).


Media reports this week have speculated that business mogul Donald Trump, who is the show’s host and executive producer, had been approached by Simpson to participate in a new season of the show in which contestants compete against each other in a series of business endeavors.

“NBC representatives have never considered O.J. Simpson for the next season of ‘The Apprentice,’ nor will,” NBC spokesperson Amanda Ruisi said.

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