[video] Montana Fishburne Dynasty Series Photoshoot

One of the most popular posts on this blog is the infamous Montana Fishburne (daughter of world famous actor Laurence Fishburne) who made headlines years back for her dabbling in porn. Here is some footage of a new photoshoot she has done with Dynasty Series.

This is our very first DynastySeries exclusive of Montana Fishburne, and we’re going to make sure it’s not the last. Enjoy the stunning new pics and video of Montana courtesy of Mics and Models’ Azim lateef and photographer LeDarius Wiggins.

[pics] Vivid Releases More Screen Shots of Montana Fishburne’s Porn Movie (NSFW)

Here we have more screenshots from Vivid of Montana Fishburne aka ‘Chippy D’ first porn movie (which she insists was inspired by Kim Kardashian) via Shirtstalkers. She has spoken for the first time about her father’s reaction to her becoming a porn star. Hit the jump for some definitely NSFW photos in which she shows that she is an equal opportunity performer as well.
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[pics] First Images of Montana Fishburne’s Porn movie:TMZ

Montana Fishburne obviously could give two shits what we think about her destroying the legacy of her world famous father Laurence Fishburne.

He has to be cringing at these images of his daughter who has recently  launched a porn career with announcement on CarltonJordan.com. Vivid definitely are gonna make some nice money off of this tape and Laurence Fishburne will never do an interview again. Hit the jump to see some more screen grabs and official photos from Vivid.

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[video] WTF: Brian Pumper Brings Laurence Fishburne’s Daughter into Porn

Somebody just got herself cut off from the family fortune. Like really Montana your father is one of the most successful actors in history and you are running around with pornstar Brian Pumper? Who was accused a few months back for trying to bring girls into the porn industry without having them properly tested? This is obviously you trying to get back at your father who probably has not spent quality time with you due to his hectic schedule over the last twenty years but is this really your career choice?

Vodpod videos no longer available.
“Montana Fishburne, who’s new porn name is “Chippy D”, is now an official porn star after doing a film with notorious adult film star Brian Pumper” – CarltonJordan

Dreams May No Longer be Secret with Japan Computer Screen

via Yahoo

TOKYO (AFP) – A Japanese research team has revealed it had created a technology that could eventually display on a computer screen what people have on their minds, such as dreams.dreams

Researchers at the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories succeeded in processing and displaying images directly from the human brain, they said in a study unveiled ahead of publication in the US magazine Neuron.

While the team for now has managed to reproduce only simple images from the brain, they said the technology could eventually be used to figure out dreams and other secrets inside people’s minds.

“It was the first time in the world that it was possible to visualise what people see directly from the brain activity,” the private institute said in a statement.

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The Metaphysical/Philosophical Review of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL



Rarely does a cinematic event come along that makes the Earth stand still.  For me, when I heard that NASA will be beaming this feature into space with the hopes that it reaches the Galactic Center in 2012 (when Earth will be aligned with the center) I was determined to see what the hell was so special about this release.  Then when I took note that it was being dropped on the last full month of the year (in Gemini, the communicator) I said there is definitely something more to this flick than just a random release which had to be so carefully planned as to coincide with these celestial events.  So, at 12:01 a.m. there I was seeing Keanu Reeves reprise his role as Neo, his most famous Christ archetype (you know, Saviour of the world).  The only twist is in The Matrix he was sent to save Zion and all of its inhabitants.  This time around he was sent to save the Earth and do away with all of its inhabitants.  Interestingly enough, the film started off on the Karakoram Mountains, in India, which to some is just another random location but to the student of metaphysics, we refer to that as the “K2 resonator” ( a portal between dimensions). k2

Whenever this symbology is invoked you can be sure that some references to the Great Pyramids or The Ark of Noah aren’t too far behind and this film doesn’t fall short with not one, but both iconic symbols popping up all over this flick.

Keanu makes his return to Earth via an orb of light landing in the middle of Central Park (Great Lawn), somewhat like how Kevin Spacey traveled here in K-PAX (Kevin got here on “angles” of light) and interestingly enough they both voice the same sentiments about their critique of humans and their threat to the fragile balance of the universe.  locust

The Galactical Confederacy has decided that a planet as precious as Gaia (Earth) and her life sustaining properties is way too important to lose to the carelessness of humans who currently inhabit her surface, so as liberators they have decided to do away with the species in order to save the planet.
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CSI snags Fishburne, first scenes debut in 09′

Well the rumors prove to be true and Laurence Fishburne has been given the lead in mega-hit televison series CSI. Can’t wait. Anything Mr. Fishburne is involved we co-sign over here at SKM.

Laurence Fishburne is joining the cast of CSI in 09'

Laurence Fishburne is joining the cast of CSI in 09

“I felt a little stupid and embarrassed that I hadn’t watched the show prior to having a meeting with them,” Fishburne, 47, acknowledged in a conference call with reporters for the announcement that he is joining the show’s cast.

“But I’m happy to say that the episodes that they sent me to look at were really, really engaging and really wonderful, and kind of dark and moody, like a lot of the work that I’ve actually been involved in,” he added. “So I’m very excited.”

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Fishburne Set To Star in ‘The Alchemist’

Actor Laurence Fishburne (\"The Matrix\"), already attached to the project, will direct and star as the title character, who guides the shepherd along his way. Shooting will start about a year from now.

Laurence Fishburne never ceases to amaze me with his choices in movie roles. He once again is set to make cinematic history with the Harvey Weinstein-produced book adaptation of ‘The Alchemist’. AP has the scoop:

Associated Press Writer

CANNES, France (AP) – For 15 years, Hollywood has tried and failed to transform the best- selling novel “The Alchemist” into silver screen material. Now Harvey Weinstein says he has the magic formula.

Weinstein said Sunday that he will produce Paulo Coelho’s inspirational fable about a Spanish shepherd on a quixotic quest. Actor Laurence Fishburne (“The Matrix”), already attached to the project, will direct and star as the title character, who guides the shepherd along his way. Shooting will start about a year from now.

Speaking by video message, Fishburne said the deal to adapt the Brazilian writer’s novel was “a dream come true” for him. The book tells the story of Santiago, a Spanish shepherd who dreams of finding a treasure at the Egyptian pyramids. He embarks on his quest, falls in love and learns life lessons along the way.

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[video] Science & Technology In the 21st Century

Ever wonder what’s in store for the rest of the 21st Century? Well, science and technology are on pace to merge and take man to places he could never fathom. This clip does a good job touching on some of the upcoming inventions on deck that will transform life as we know it.

Coincidentally enough, I discovered this article that technically explains on how our mutating brains are being conditioned externally to create a world where reality and virtuality will be blurred by our reliance on bio-meds and chip technology. This is a MUST READ if you were ever in doubt about the heights to which science and technology are preparing to take the human race in the remainder of the 21st Century.
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