Freddie Gray Jury Deadlocked on Manslaughter Charges

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The most underreported story of the past few weeks.

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(BALTIMORE) — Jurors in the manslaughter trial of a Baltimore police officer charged in the death of Freddie Gray say they’re deadlocked, but the judge overseeing the case has told them to keep deliberating.

The jury sent a note to Baltimore Circuit Judge Barry Williams on Tuesday afternoon after about nine hours of deliberations over two days in the trial of Officer William Porter.
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He is the first of six officers to stand trial on charges stemming from Gray’s death in April.

Porter is charged with manslaughter, assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct. Prosecutors say he should have buckled Gray in and called a medic after the 25-year-old prisoner asked for help.

Porter’s lawyers say he’s not to blame for Gray’s death.


[video] ‘There are real law enforcement problems’ with Freddie Gray Death – US Marshal

What the f*ck happened to this brother? The Mayor of Baltimore needs to cut the bullsh*t and get to the bottom of this or her city is gonna be an inferno soon. Another black man meets his death at the hands of police.

The Baltimore Police Department is coming under growing criticism following Freddie Gray’s death in police custody. Concerns include the use of excessive force and the failure of officers to follow police protocol. Ben Swann spoke to former US Marshal Matthew Fogg, who said there wasn’t enough evidence even to arrest the 25-year-old.

Creator of ‘The Wire’ gets $500,000 Genius Grant

He deserves it for ‘The Wire’ alone so I am not mad at him getting this prize at all. More info below and I have added the intro and opening scene to the show for all of you who have not seen the best show ever created:

Wire creator David Simon with Michael K. Williams who played the unforgettable character 'Omar'

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Among the 10 female and 13 male fellows this year was David Simon, 50, the former Baltimore Sun crime reporter and co-creator, writer and producer of the critically acclaimed TV series “Homicide: Life on the Street” and “The Wire,” set in Baltimore, and the current HBO series “Treme,” set in New Orleans.

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HBO”s ‘The Wire’ being taught at Harvard

Source: NY Post

Wow! My all time favorite TV show is now a case study for urban life in America.

If this does not convince them to make a movie I don’t what else could. David Simon has said that he is no longer interested in resurrecting the gritty drama.

Also for all you fans of The Wire I suggest you pick up a copy of The Corner which preceded this cult favorite and was done by the same writers and producers and directed by Charles Dutton.
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‘THE Wire,” HBO‘s gritty se ries about life in the Baltimore ghetto, is about to become a course at Harvard.

The announcement came at a panel discussion at the school featuring several of the show’s stars, according to the Harvard student newspaper, The Crimson.

The class will be taught by sociology professor William J. Wilson, one of the best-known African American history professors in the country, who has made no secret of the fact that he is a huge fan of the show.

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HBO pushes film to new heights with Cube Installation

Now I did not know what to expect when I visited the HBO Imagine website but I was knocked off my seat with this new way of storytelling. HBO has created a cube whereas two films, each 2 minutes in length and each played twice successively, on a rotating basis.

The experience is probably the most innovative way to view a movie. Click here to experience the next level in movie making and be sure to post the link on Facebook and get other people to check it out. Below is some more info about the project which will be in the DC area this week.

-5Here is the plot:

Heist: Four disparate scenes culminate, revealing themselves as different facets of a single, intricately orchestrated crime.

The Affair: A husband and wife, their maid and someone’s half-dressed lover are framed from four perspectives, showing the characters in different lights and implying different relationships.

October 8-10: Washington D.C. (Plaza at Adams Morgan)

Shootout Erupts at ‘Wire’ Actor’s Shower


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A deadly shootout broke out on the Brooklyn street outside of where ‘The Wire’ actor Jamie Hector — who played drug kingpin Marlo Stanfield — and his wife were celebrating their baby shower, leaving one teenager dead and two men hurt.

The New York Daily News reports that nearly 50 bullets were fired outside of the baby shower for Hector’s wife. The gunfight then continued outside of a hospital, where shooters tried to finish one of their victims.

“What a gun battle … They have been watching too much TV,” a New York Police Department officer told the Daily News.

Andrew Filson, 32, was shot and helped into a car by a passerby. When they arrived at the hospital, another car pulled up and began firing, hitting Filson one more time.

No arrests were made following the shootout, but two guns were recovered.

Hector, a Brooklyn native, has seen his career spike lately, thanks to his role as merciless drug dealer Marlo in ‘The Wire.’ He’s also appeared on ‘Heroes’ and ‘Jericho.’

Wire Tap: If Rappers Were Characters From The Wire

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It’s been a year and I still miss The Wire and all its characters. We said our final goodbyes in 2008 but recent endless viewings of the DVD box set had me feeling sentimental and inspired. It’s the “Who would play me in a movie?” game further realized and repurposed, i.e. which rappers would play characters on The Wire? So, without further adieu…

Charles Hamilton as Duquan “Dukie” Weems — These two have more of an uncanny physical resemblance than Blu and Bubbles. Besides their connection as look-alikes and being coincidentally homeless at different points in life, both are bright, yet can’t seem to get the formula quite right to move on to a higher level of success. Coincidentally, and both lived in the streets.

Nas as Avon Barksdale — Okay, so maybe Nas isn’t really a hustler or a gangster. But he is an older figure who has seen more dominant days, finding his way in an environment that may/may not be suited to his tastes any longer. Oh, and he evolved as the opposite of…

Jay-Z as Stringer Bell — The intelligent hustler. Does/did anyone so knee deep in their respective field have a more savvy business sense than these two? Continue reading

Interview w/The WIRE Co-Creator


Now that The WIRE series has been put to the rest the restrospectives on the genuis of what many are calling The Greatest Show On TV will begin. In a quest to get to the heart of the genuis of the show HipHopDX took it one step further and interviewed the co-Creator Ed BurnsRead this thorough psychological breakdown of what The WIRE achieved to express by telling the story of Baltimore. CLICK HERE 

The Wire: Finale Has Fans Wanting More..


There alot of Wire fans who are in mourning right now due to the fact that the show has ended with a 90 minute finale. The show picking up steam in the latter seasons, has built a cult following and just when it is at its apex, has ended. Sometimes great things need to end on top(remember Jordan with the game winner against Utah), but this will probably just spurn  the show to eventually come back in some form or another.

 I say, get the dvd’s and start from the beginnning like I am doing now. Have you seen every episode? If not go back and enjoy the best series on television and then after watching every scene,then scream for more.

                             Check out a great article on The Wire..

Snoop From “The Wire” Witness to Baltimore Homicide


Snoop from HBO’s The Wire will be called as a witness to a murder that took place in 2005 in Baltimore, Maryland.  Allegedly she was present when the stabbing death of Tyrell Roseborough took place on “The Block” outside of a New York Fried ChickenAn alleged accomplice of hers, Steven Lashley is being charged with the body.  According to authorities,

 “The argument appears to have started because Tyrell attempted to ‘holler’ at Felicia Pearson and she rebuffed him,” Baltimore homicide detective Todd Corriveau wrote in a report. “At the time, Lashley and Felicia Pearson were friends and sometimes met with each other/sat in strip clubs on ‘the block.’ ”

The incident jumped off and resulted in the murder of Tyrell, the stabbing of his brother Raymond and friend Stanley Thomas.  Authorities have a statement made by Snoops denying any involvement in the incident.  CLICK HERE to see the full report.