XXL XXclusive: Rick Ross, Under Oath


via XXL

XXLMag.com: How did you come up with that line about 50’s baby mama and burning down the house? ‘Cause that was the thing that triggered him.

Rick Ross: Most definitely. And what it was, it was a true statement. I was just smoking at home watching the news just like everybody else.

XXL: Did you know he would come back at you with something?

Ross: Of course. That’s why I did it.

XXL: That’s why you did it?

Ross: Of course. You gotta understand this is chess not checkers. You gotta understand a man’s next moves. When a woman is scorned, you have to understand that there’s gonna be a backlash, which is totally fine. I was… As far as him responding, I’m still a little disappointed in the quality of music that’s being released. ‘Cause at the end of the day, all the hoopla, you smoke a blunt, forget about it and people wanna put on they headphones and hear some quality. I’m one of the first artists to admit Get Rich or Die Tryin‘ was a classic. But if I turn back the hands of time five years ago, if I knew the dude who did “Many Men” would wear wigs and buy dildos and, you know, attack people that I look at as legends, such as Jadakiss and the LOX and the list could go on…

XXL: So were you just upset with him attacking everybody else and that made you-

Ross: Nah, it’s not that. It’s not a fact about nobody being upset because his last attacks have relatively failed. So it wasn’t about that. It was just about me deciding when I was ready to engage in 50 Cent. Continue reading

[audio] Curtis Calls Funk Flex


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Just when they were about to anoint Joey Buddens the KING of online Hip Hop beef, out of the shadows emerges Curtis Jackson, the man who has more bones in his backyard than DMX.  Now it looks like he is about to dump Rick Ross into six foot deep hole that he honestly dug for himself.  Nobody, I repeat nobody goes in like Fiddy.  He is made for TV. Here he goes talking to Flex about the bashment he is cooking up for Ross.  This could be ugly.  Oh yeah, it wouldn’t be fitting if I didn’t add that this segment of Flex’s show was sponsored by NY Corrections.  How ironic is that?