Meet Eddie Murphy’s Head In Times Square

Great promo for the movie but I still think it will be fairly funny compared to other Eddie Murphy movies. Don’t see this being a huge hit for Eddie but who could have believed Norbit would make a $100 milli.

Check out what they got going on in NYC for the next few days:

via Latino Review
The people at Fox have come up with a hilarious yet clever promotion for the new Eddie Murphy comedy, “Meet Dave.”  For you folks in New York, from July 3-5, a three ton replica of Murphy’s head (complete with trademark grin) that’s been touring the country will be on display on Military Island in Times Square.  For no price at all, anyone can get a “head” start on their summer fun by stepping inside of the fifteen foot tall replica and having your photo taken as you lean out of Eddie’s left ear just like in the movie.  


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