[video] Murderer or Musician: Tiny Doo Reflects on Being Jailed for Rap Lyrics

Hip-hop rapper Tiny Doo’s real name is Brandon Duncan, and he ended up in jail for eight months awaiting trial on charges he conspired to commit a series of gang related shootings around San Diego, Calif. Prosecutors at the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office didn’t say he shot the gun or drove the getaway car in these shootings; Instead they said he profited from the shootings through his gangster rap album, “No Safety.”

“There was no way in the world that these people were going to be able to to charge me with shootings based on what I rap about in my music,” says Duncan.

The District Attorney’s Office charged Duncan under 182.5 of the California Penal Code which states that anyone “who willfully promotes, furthers, assists, or benefits” from felonious criminal conduct by a gang is guilty of conspiracy to commit that felony.
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[video] T.I. gets the axe from AXE Promotional Campaign

I guess they figured that a concert with him literally from behind bars was not apart of their marketing plans. This is his second lost endorsement due to getting arrested, the first was the ground breaking deal with Chevrolet. Damn TIP! I have added a clip of the AXE concert he did when he was released courtesy of the guys over at Rap Basement.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


via TMZ

A rep for the company tells TMZ, “We will no longer feature T.I. in our promotional campaign” — a decision that comes one month after the company publicly stated it was “troubled” by T.I.’s recent arrest for drug possession.

T.I. signed with AXE earlier this year … he’s already been removed from their website.