Nelly Drops June, New Single with Fergie

Source: Billboard


With reports circulating earlier this week that Nelly wants to collabo with The Boss(sorry Rick) Bruce Springsteen, it seems his album will finally hit stores in June. After the first single was received luke warm by critics, Nelly has reloaded with “Party People”, a potential smash hit with the biggest selling artist of the last two years, Fergie. Expect features from Ciara, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Akon and LL Cool J.

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Blender throws a low blow to low budget video’s


 The folks over at Blender threw the emerging genre of low-budget videos under the bus, choosing to target Mike Jones latest clip.  Due to the rapidly deteriorating music industry which is quickly slashing its video departments, artist have been forced to finance their own clips, which they post directly to YouTube since BET Uncut got cut.  Problem is, these joints fail to live up to the heydays of the mega-video.  “Tip Drill” these ain’t!  For the rest of the article click HERE 


To see Mike Jone’s video “Drop and Give me 50” click below