Giants Pull Off Gigantic Upset of Patriots


The underdog New York Giants emerged out the ashes in Phoenix to upset the New England Patriots and snatch the ultimate glory from the Tom Brady helmed team; the dual claim of becoming Super Bowl Champions with a perfect record of 19-0.  The 1972 Miami Dolphins retain their record of holding that grand distinction, while Eli Manning and the Giants get to bask in the glory of victory after pulling off a fourth quarter rally which culminated in a 17-14 win, cementing a 11 road game winning streak.  All praises go to David Tyree who pulled a spectacular play out of thin air and gave the Giants a second life, setting them up for the final touchdown with :35 seconds left.  Manning to Plaxico Burress and thats all she wrote…Touchdown!  Well you know what they say ’round these parts, better luck next time, scrappy!! Let the celebrations begin!!