[video] Eddie Murphy Drops Out Of Oscar Hosting Duties After Ratner Resigns Over Gay Slur

This got messy in a hurry. I guess Eddie doing the show was predicated on Ratner being the producer. I will post the original video after the jump that got Ratner is a heap of sh*t in the first place once I locate it. Updated with video.

via NY Times

he hasty departures represented an embarrassing collapse of the Academy’s plans with less than four months before the ceremony, and left it scrambling to fill key roles on a show that is one of the most elaborately staged on television.

Mr. Ratner, who was named the Oscar co-producer on Aug. 4, resigned on Tuesday morning because of the furor provoked by his public use over the weekend of an anti-gay slur, and a subsequent, salacious discussion of his own sexual habits on Howard Stern’s radio program.

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