TRashman Arrested By Federal Authorities for Baby Food Scare

Now I have been posting articles about Trashman on this blog and it seems that his schtick has finally reached the end of the road. I ignored his last rant about poisoning baby food because it was just too idiotic to blog, but the federal authorities did not think so. Read more below:

Trashman as he appears in one of his YouTube clips.

Trashman as he appears in one of his YouTube clips.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A man who claimed in YouTube videos that he had directed others to poison millions of containers of Gerber baby food with the intent to kill babies was arrested on Thursday, federal prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said Gerber had not found any evidence that its product had been tampered with, and the man was charged with making threats and falsely claiming to have tampered with a consumer product.

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Trashman Makes National News Giving Women Aids…

Trashman ... claims he infected up to 1500 women with AIDS

For all the cute kids and animals we see on Youtube,there is also a seedy side featuring booty shaking, gang dances, and racist propoganda. One of the most popular is the notorious Trashman, who claims in his viral videos to have infected 1500 women with the Aids virus.
In addition to these unsubstantiated statements, he has also stated his involvement with the killing of Queens rapper Stack Bundles and a bunch of other sick suicidal acts. Yeah right, this cat has manipulated the media so masterfully, and proved that reporting stories without fact checking is still the call of the day.

Source: The Sun
A SERIES of sickening videos have been posted on the internet showing a man who claims to have deliberately “infected” thousands of women with AIDS.
Calling himself ‘Trashman’ and speaking with an American accent, the masked man says he has infected between 1200 and 1500 unknowing victims with the devastating disease.

He can be seen reading the names and ages of some of the women he claims to have had unprotected sex with in the video clips on website YouTube.

The videos – one of which has been viewed 195,000 times – also feature a web address to a “gangsta” portal filled with pornography and where Trashman has a profile.
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