[video] Trump predicts ‘riots’ if he doesn’t get nomination

Donald Trump thinks his voters and supporters will tear shit up if Republicans decide to not give him the nomination if he is leading in the delegate count.


With Trump moving closer to winning the Republican Party nomination, securing another series of wins in Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina, and with his impressive performance in Florida knocking Senator Marco Rubio out of the race, the panic among the opponents of a widely controversial billionaire candidate is likely to grow.

Photo #2 of Miss California Surfaces Online


The Gay Mafia is having a field day with Miss California and the case of the mysterious pics that have surfaced of her partially nude. While swearing that she had only one pic of her floating around with her top missing, along comes another one of the gay-bashing beauty queen, much to her dismay. Of course they are using this as ammo to rake her over the coals and strip her of her title. Allegations have also materialized that her father might be playing for the “other side,” according to documents obtained during his divorce with her mom. Ewww, this is getting super ugly.  Her and Cassie need to team up with Janet and hold a press conference, boldly reminding America and the rest of the world, that it’s just a breast, and most of us where nursed on this glorified part of the female anatomy, get over it already! 

source: Dirty.com