Tyler Perry and LIONSGATE to launch Cable Network

Spike Lee is fuming at this news right here. I could definitely seeing this happening  next year and I would not bet against this being successful. For all the critiques of Perry’s films who feel they are chock full of cooness and stereotypes this is not a good sign.

via NY Times

Tyler TV, which is still a working title, is intended as a home base for the prolific Mr. Perry — just as Ms. Winfrey, one of Mr. Perry’s most ardent supporters, now operates OWN. But as OWN demonstrates, cable plans that seem promising can be tricky. Ms. Winfrey’s channel, a partnership with Discovery Communications, has been a major ratings disappointment.
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More Madea on the way, Tyler Perry Re-ups with Lionsgate

People who complain about his stereotypical images in his comedies and plays will be shocked to find out those movies have made a billion-dollars and will not be going anywhere anytime soon due to him extending his deal with Lionsgate.

via Inside Movies
“Together, Lionsgate and I have built the ideal filmmaker/studio relationship, and I’m thrilled that it will be continuing,” said Perry, in a statement. “We share an entrepreneurial spirit and have a great business rapport. But more importantly, Lionsgate has been incredibly affirming of my relationship with my audience — I’ve always had the artistic freedom to speak what I want, how I want, and when I want through my films.”

In the last six years, Perry’s 10 films grossed more than $520 million for Lionsgate at the box office. The studio has sold more than 40 million DVD and digital copies of his films, television shows, and stage plays. “Tyler Perry is one of the most powerful and unique entertainment brands in the world today, with a fan base that is virtually unrivaled in its loyalty and passion,” said Lionsgate co-chairman and CEO Jon Feltheimer, in a statement.
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Perry to take ‘Madea’ play on the road in 2010

Spike Lee is definitely not going to be attending any of these sure to be sold out shows. Quite a surprise, but I guess he is revisiting what made him a star in the first place.

via Breitbart

ATLANTA (AP) – Movie producer and actor Tyler Perry says he is taking his sharp-tongued character “Madea” back on tour.

Perry posted a message on his Web site Saturday that said he had taken some time off in the past few months “so I could spend my mother’s final days at her side.” His mother, Willie Maxine Perry, died Dec. 8 at age 64.

Perry says he will begin touring with his new play, “Madea’s Big Happy Family,” the iron-willed Southern matriarch he portrays in a wig and padded suit. She is the central character of many of his films, including “Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail.”

The actor says he is eager to have Madea on stage for the first time in five years. The first leg of the tour begins Jan. 4 in El Paso, Texas, then goes on to Phoenix, San Diego, Seattle and Portland, Ore.

Investors bail on Lionsgate


via LA Times

Investors have pulled out of a multi-film financing agreement with Lionsgate, the movie and television studio behind the “Saw” and Tyler Perry film franchises.

The move, which reflects the increasingly tough environment for film financing, means that Lionsgate did not have the money it was counting on to finance the final three movies on its fiscal 2009 slate.

As a result, Lionsgate itself had to commit its own capital to pay for the already released films “The Spirit” and “My Bloody Valentine 3D,” and its upcoming Feb. 20 release “Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail.”

The loss of funding from the company’s Goldman Sachs-led Pride Pictures facility caused a “significant, unexpected shortfall of $65 million in free cash flow,” Lionsgate Chief Executive Jon Feltheimer said Tuesday.

Going forward, Lionsgate will be forced to rely more heavily on self-funding its movies and bringing in partners where it can on a film-by-film basis, as it had done in years past.

Shares of parent Lions Gate Entertainment Corp., which is based in Vancouver but runs its studio operations out of Santa Monica, fell $1.43 to $3.90 Tuesday, a 27% drop. As the stock plunged, corporate raider Carl Icahn increased his stake in the company to 10.56% from 9.2%, according to a regulatory filing. Continue reading

50 & Others Named In Juicing Probe


G-Unit frontman 50 Cent, R&B Siren Mary J. Blige and Super Producer Timbaland have been named in a probe of possible steriod/human growth hormone users.  While details remain sketchy it is being reported that the superstar’s names have popped up in the year-long investigation launced by Albany DA P. David Soares into the use of steriods in the sports entertainment world.  After some big snares namely in the world of baseball, sights have been set on the music entertainment industry.  Wyclef Jean and movie maker Tyler Perry have also been named in the investigation.  The criminal aspect of the investigation is being limited to the pharmacists, clincs and doctors who allegedly provided the substance.  None of the stars named in the investigation are in jeapordy of being charged with anything, in fact US Senator Charles Schumer has just introduced legislation that would make possession of these substances illegal.  Stay tuned for development as this story takes shape and CLICK HERE for the full article

Update: For a detailed description of the proof the Albany DA has against these stars CLICK HERE to read more.  It appears some of them had drugs sent to their place of residence addressed to them, others used pseudonyms like Michael Jordan and Marlo Stanfield from The Wire.