Mother Of Teen ‘Sex Addict’ sues The Tyra Banks Show

If this mother proves all of this to be true she has a hell of a case, I smell a settlement. My question though, is where was the mother when this teenager was getting on this plane by herself and traveling to NYC?

via Perez Hilton

Beverly McClendon, the mother of this child, filed a complaint in an Atlanta federal court last week, suing Warner Bros. Entertainment, Tyra Banks and executive producers of her talk show for $3 million for featuring her child on television without consent. She alleges that having her child on the show was a dangerous and not gaining her permission to do so was “negligent.”

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Just Plain Sick: Woman Aims to be Fattest in America

I actually saw this lady while channel surfing on Tyra Banks show. Her and husband are really crazy when you hear them beating the drum for her to reach a 1000lb. by eating like pig.

via Telegraph
“I’d love to be 1000lb … it might be hard though, running after my daughter keeps my weight down,” Ms Simpson told the Daily Mail.

Ms Simpson, who needs a mobility scooter to go shopping, eats huge amounts of junk food each week and tries to move as little as possible so she doesn’t burn off as many calories.

“I do love cakes and sweet things, doughnuts are my favourite,” she said.

Ms Simpson said she also loved eating sushi and would often eat 70 big pieces in one go.

Her 49-year-old partner Philippe — who she met on a dating site for plus-size people — was encouraging her to reach her goal, she said.

“I think he’d like it if I was bigger … he’s a real belly man and completely supports me,” she said.

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Tyra Banks Ends Talk Show After 5 Seasons

This probably a good idea because the show had jumped the shark a couple of seasons back. I saw topics on her talk show that were bordering on the idiotic. One was a grown woman who still ate her boogers and another who was in love with and married a bridge. I know you ladies are sad but I am glad. Read details below:

“This will be the last season of The Tyra Show,” Banks tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I’ve been loving having fun, coming into your living rooms, bedrooms, hair salons for the past 5 years. My next huge steps will allow me to reach more women and young girls to help us all feel as fierce as we truly are.”

“There’s a lot cooking right now and a lot of fire burning in my heart,” Banks writes in an open letter on her website. “And I salute you my amazing family of viewers; without you there never would have been a Tyra Show. I really love you all.”

Tyra courts controversy with Top Models in ‘Black face’

Source: HuffPost

Are you guys offended?

Here are some quotes I pulled from HuffPost:

“What happens when men and women from different places come together? Babies! Lots of babies that are from different cultures. A mix. Hapa. Hapa means half in Hawaiian.”

“Every outfit is not necessarily of what that culture is wearing now. It might not even be a necessary exact of what they’ve worn in the past. It’s a fashion interpretation of it.”

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[video] WTF!!? Americas Top Model uses Transgender Man For Ratings Stunt?

That is all I can say about this move on the part of the producers behind Americas Top Model. This is probably going to be their worst season ever because they are tampering with the essence of the show.
Throwing in a transgender wild card to spark ratings is cruel to an average guy like me who loved to see a bunch of pretty women albeit skinny, strutting their stuff with virtually nothing on. Tyra Banks is still sexy but now has morphed into the Anti-Christ!!

I want all our loyal readers to stop this madness and bring back 100 % per cent vagina to ATM.

via Huffington Post

“America’s Next Top Model” gets underway featuring the show’s first transgender model/contestant Isis, who was born a man but will compete as a woman. The show debuts Wednesday September 3 on The CW, but the network has posted interviews with the contestants on YouTube.

Isis talks about what makes her special and her excitement to compete in hers.

“I think I bring a lot to this competition that might give me an advantage… I’m saying, I really want this… I think I’m creative and unique”

Model Industry Steeped In Racism, Italia Vogue Steps Up With Black Girl Issue

black models rarely get jobs on catwalks, in magazines and on billboards. According to executives, they do not inspire women to spend money.

I guess we are all a little ignorant to the model industry and how it is so steeped in racism. We see Tyra Banks and her accomplishments and forget that she is an anamoly when it come to successful black models in mainstream publications.

Well it seems that Italia Vogue has stepped up to the plate and will feature a bunch of black models in an up coming July issue in response to the industry’s constant banter that “black models don’t sell”. Read the story below:

Source: The Independent

The leading British photographer Nick Knight says: “The fashion industry and the advertising industry are steeped in racism. You just have to look around at the number of black girls you see in ads – virtually nil. Among the main fashion brands, they are completely under-represented. It’s shocking and atrocious.”

Mr Knight blames business people at the top of the industry. A common attitude among them, he says, is that black models are “not aspirational” or “don’t sell in Asia”. He goes on: “I have tried to redress the balance. It is enormously important to use black models and models of different ethnic backgrounds.”

Now a counterattack to the racism of the fashion industry is coming from an unlikely source: Vogue Italia. The July issue of the fearsomely cutting-edge quarterly will feature black models almost exclusively, shot by the photographer Steven Meisel.

Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, told The Independent on Sunday: “We are using a lot of black models, like Iman, not only the models of today – a lot of different girls.” Asked why she had decided to do this, she said: “Because nobody is using black girls. I see so many beautiful girls and they were complaining that they are not used enough.”
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Tyra Banks Has Obsessed Sicko Stalking Her

Source: Black Vibes & The Hollywood Reporter


In varying reports it seems that Tyra Banks recent move to NYC has not been the stuff dreams are made of. Coming off of having A-list guests such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on her daytime talk show, there seems to be a stalker who has been showing up at her television studio. This guy has been ordered to stay away from Tyra and will face arrest if he breaks the newly minted order of protection lodged against him.

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There are also rumblings that she is not getting along with top model contributor and photo shoot director Jay Samuels. These two divas can’t seem to co-exist and word is she would like to focus more on the daytime faire.

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Victoria’s Secret Too Sexy?


It what may be a shock to men across the globe, lingerie giant Victorias Secret’s CEO has deemed that the company may be too sexy for the buying public. The brand has toned down its recent commercials in-order to shy away from just targetting their younger shoppers.  

  The chief executive of the brand known for its provocative televised fashion shows and her mind, the brand has become “too sexy” — or at least the wrong kind of sexy.

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