UNDRCRWN X Asher Roth Summer ’09 Tees

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Philly-based clothing brand UNDRCRWN got with Asher Roth, rap’s greatest, whitest hope since he who shall remain nameless to do three new tees inspired by his hit “I Love College” and appropriately, the movie Animal House. If your college experience is/was all about the bras and brews you need these tees in your life. The release coincides with the release of Roth’s debut album, Asleep in the Bread Aisle, on April 20th and will be available at the UNDRCRWN online store.


Preview of Mos Def’s new UNDRCRWN clothing line

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Mos Def x UNDRCRWN. Mos Def has partnered up with street wear label UNDRCRWN for the release of his new clothing line designed in conjunction with UNDRCRWN creative director Dustin Canalin. The collection is inspired by the Dead Prez album “Revolutionary But Gangsta” and drops on the UNDRCRWN site this Wednesday. There will be fourteen pieces total in the collection. Check out a preview of the rest of Mos Def’s collection after the jump.

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[Fashion] “There Can Only Be One” exclusive tee From Undrcrwn

There Can Only Be One tee

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Undrcrwn has just sent over this image of their new “There Can Only Be One” exclusive tee featuring B.I.G. and Tupac. The name and split face are of course in direct reference to the NBA’s current “There Can Only Be One” play offs campaign shown here. No word yet on when this will be available but I’m assuming it’s pretty soon…hopefully before the Lakers win the Championships this year.

Editor’s Note: OK, this “There Can Only Be One” theme is clearly gonna be a cultural phenomena. Here is the latest mix up featuring B.I.G. & Pac