[video] Bill O’ Reilly Speaks w/ Valerie Jarrett on ‘Gangsta Culture’ and President Obama’s ‘My Brothers Keeper’ Program

I have never liked pompous know-it-all Bill O’ Reilly. In fact I have despised him since I initially heard him speak on Fox News on critical issues destroying the black community.
With that being said, though my feeling for him and his racist rhetoric has not changed in the least, I agree with him and his stance on how to truly make President Obama’s “My Brothers Keepers” program effective. In order to reach the millions of at risk urban youth in this country, we definitely need serious involvement of today’s high profile rappers and athletes. These guys are heroes to our kids and look up to them as role models whether we like it or not.
Though O’ Reilly has a point, he conveniently forgets to acknowledge systematic racism, post traumatic slavery disorder, and a host of other unavoidable contributing factors when discussing the plight of the black community, which makes his cure all inadequate at best.