The ‘Dog’ DMX Barks @ VIBE…confirms new project is on the way


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It’s the No. 10 seed no one saw coming. Nearly three years since his last album, Year of the Dog… Again (Ruff Ryders/Def Jam, 2006), and just one month since being released from an Arizona jail stemming from a series of arrests for drug possession, animal cruelty, and identity theft, DMX is still going strong in VIBE Presents The Best Rapper Ever, going up against Bracket 1’s No. 3 seed, Snoop Dogg, in Round 4’s battle of the Dogs.

To date, the man born Earl Simmons has already knocked off The Game, 50 Cent, and LL Cool J, not a bad run for a troubled superstar who’s spent much of the past five years making more headlines for his brushes with the law than his signature multiplatinum growl on the mic. But with news of a new album on the way (at Hot 97’s Summer Jam this past weekend in New York, producer and longtime collaborator Swizz Beatz promised the Dog’s return in 2010), and the threat of more jail time avoided for now (earlier this month he was given 18 months of supervised probation plus fines for assaulting a Phoenix corrections officer), the unpredictable rapper tells VIBE in this exclusive interview that he’s ready to re-enter the game.

VIBE: It’s been nearly three years since you released your last studio album. During that time you have been involved with a series of legal problems and did jail time. What ran through your mind when you heard that you made it to the sweet 16 bracket of VIBE’s Best Rapper Ever tournament with other hip hop giants like Nas, Rakim, Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G., Andre 3000 and 2pac?

DMX: It’s a blessing, man. It lets me know that [all of my work] paid off.

It seems the fans haven’t forgot about you in terms of DMX being an influential rapper. Continue reading

VIBE Not Bankrupt, Launching Tabloid Style Mag

Jay w/a shapeup? Relic

Jay w/a shapeup? Relic

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“The media Rumors about VIBE Media Group filing for bankruptcy are not true . The source of this false rumor was fired up by a  blogger who didn’t make VIBE’s 50 Top Rap Blogs list posted last week.”

The recent list put out by VIBE caused an uproar throughout the rap blogging community. Websites mentioned in the list were never heard of by most and sites like RealTalkNy and ThisIs50 got snubbed. Among the most controversy was the listing of RapRadar, who hadn’t even launched at the time the list was made. Several hip-hop blogging sites responded to the VIBE list by putting out a list of their own, including

In related news, VIBE Magazine is going to expand its brand through the creation of THE MOST! Magazine. The new magazine from VIBE will serve as a tabloid and will service newsstands and the web with

“THE MOST! will fill a void at the newsstand by reflecting VIBE’s commitment to urban style, celebrity, beauty and culture through a more tabloid-themed publication. A purely lifestyle and celebrity magazine featuring some of the most trendsetting stars in the world, THE MOST! is “urban” with pride and mega style.”

Joe Buddens Speaks on VIBE’S Rap List

Joey speaks on the blasphemy which is the VIBE’S Rap List. In my personal opinion VIBE already lost all credibility when they releasesd that B.S. Blog List earlier this week. Now, let me take STREET KNOWLEDGE out the debate and say there were clear omissions that were made that immediately voided the list, let alone the fact they had entries that aren’t even blogs. WHO THE F*CK gave the VIBE the right to even fix their mouths about Hip Hop supremacy? Don’t they do sloppy R&B journalism over there? Outside of Joey’s emotional outbursts I have to say that the “rappers” they have on that list are extremely outdated and unfounded. The Hip Hop cronyism has to come to an end before the year is out. And I dare one of you n*ggas to take me up on what I’m sayig…

Eminem To Judge Vibe Magazine Rap Contest

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It makes sense that Eminem would hook up with Vibe magazine for a contest in which the winner has to do a live battle rap in order to take the big prize. That’s why the Vibe Verses Presents No. 1 Stan competition will feature a group of aspiring MCs hand-picked by none other than Slim Shady fighting it out to see who has the skills to earn the title. em

In celebration of the upcoming “Real Rap” issue of the magazine, which hits newsstands on May 19 and Eminem’s upcoming Relapse album, (the first video from which, “We Made You,” premiered on MTV this week) Vibe is launching a contest in which participants are asked to upload a 60-second video clip of themselves freestyling over the instrumental track from Em’s iconic tune “Stan.” Continue reading

Kanye West Tells Vibe He Wants To Pose Nude


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Rapper Kanye West has revealed that he would like to pose nude one day to “break every rule…of Hip Hop.”

The rapper reasoned that that he wanted to challenge the norms of American and African American mores.

“I definitely feel, like, in the next however many years, if I work out for two months, that I’ll pose naked. I [want to] break every rule and mentality of hip-hop, of black culture, of American culture,” he said in the February issue of Vibe magazine.

This wouldn’t be the first time a well-known rapper has stripped his clothing off.

Brooklyn icon Big Daddy Kane posed partially nude in a June 1991 issue of Playgirl magazine, the female lifestyle magazine and counterpart to Playboy. He also pushed the boundaries – and generated controversy among purists – when he did a risqué three-way photo shoot with Madonna and super model Naomi Campbell. The images appeared in Madonna’s “Sex” book in 1992. Continue reading

Eminem Voted ‘Best Rapper Alive’ in Vibe Poll

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Months ago, Vibe launched the online poll to find the ‘Greatest Rapper Alive’. The contest took the top 64 rappers around and it was up to fans to vote on ‘head-to-head matches.

The final two were Eminem and Jay-Z and it saw Em winning 69 per cent of the final votes.  

Slim Shady released a statement on the poll, he said

“It’s obviously an honor to have won the fans’ support by being voted the Best Rapper Alive … I don’t think that there is any one rapper that is simply the best, though. Everyone who was in consideration and many others are the best at certain things, and at what they do. But since Vibe’s offering the distinction, hell yeah, I’ll accept!”

Eminem is putting the finishing touches to his upcoming album which is hoping to get a release date in the 4th quarter.

Magazines Suffer First Quarter Ad Revenue Losses

Hold the presses! Although we reported last month that Hip Hop publications were experiencing a slight bump in ad revenue, in particular The Source which was previously on the ropes, reports are surfacing that are painting a bleeker picture for music magazines in general. As the music indsutry experiences a drop in revenue the magazines closely attached to them are feeling the fallout as well.

The flagship industry leader, Rolling Stones experienced a 33% dip in ad revenue. Overall, the music magazine industry fell 26% in the first quarter of business.
So where is those ad dollars going you ask? Well you guessed it, advertisers are spending where the people are at, online. Citing the overall shift in the economy that had affected business in all sectors, businesses that would normally spend with male teen-targeted publications are shying away all together. The cigarette industry is going through legal woes and the car industry is going through financial difficulties.
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The Hip Hop Bible Is Back From the Brink Of Death

It appears the embattled Source magazine aka “The Hip Hop Bible” has been resurrected. The ‘zine which many felt was on the brink of extinction has made a dramatic comeback. Recently released figures have shown that its ad revenue has increased an astonishing 87.8% in comparison to last years figures.

In March ’07 they were doing $1,047,690 in ad revenue. In March ’08 they pulled in $1,967,464. Their archnemisis competitors, XXL magazine posted an improvement of 35.8%.

Last years March ’07 figures totaled $1,620,820 compared to the ’08 figures which totaled $2,200,340. Vibe magazine smashed both of them by clocking in $17,502,097 in the month of March. They posted a 19% improvement from last year.

The top biller when it comes to “Black” publications is Essence magazine which pulled in $19,483,060! Damn, and they said print media is in decline. If you wanna peep the rest of the figures CLICK HERE