Cop Beats Special Need Student for Breaking Dress Code

The madness continues.

via HuffPost

A south suburban Chicago police officer was caught on a security camera beating up a high school special education student, CBS2 reports.

Marshawn Pitts, 15, was walking down his school hallway when he says a Dolton, Ill. police officer went from berating him for his untucked shirt to slamming him to the ground and beating him.

“The officer was in his face because he didn’t have his shirt tucked in,” Pitts’ attorney told CBS 2’s Davis Savini. “That’s the officer put in that school to protect these kids, and instead of doing that, this officer is literally assaulting this kid.”

Neither school nor Dolton officials responded to CBS 2 about the story.

Flickr allows all of its users to upload Video


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Nearly a year ago, online image sharing site Flickr began allowing paid subscribers to upload videos up to 90 seconds in length. Today, Flickr expanded that program to the general public. In other words, both free and Pro members can now upload and share short videos using Flickr.

There are still some limitations. Free members can only upload 2 videos a month, and those videos can only be in standard definition. Starting today, Flickr Pro users, on the other hand, can upload high definition videos.

So if you’ve got a Flickr account and want to share short videos in addition to photos, Flickr’s now an option for everyone. Or you could just use YouTube,, Vimeo, Viddler, or any of dozens of other online video sites that don’t impost upload limits and time limits.

YouTube Teams Up with Congress to Show Laymakers at Work


Let’s see who we can catch with their hands in the cookie jar

via NY Times

SAN FRANCISCO — YouTube is aiming to raise its profile in American politics by helping deliver a glimpse of life on Capitol Hill to its large online audience.

On Monday, YouTube, in collaboration with Congress, will unveil two new Web pages, one for the House and one for the Senate, where every lawmaker will be able to create a video channel on the site. The pages will include a map of the United States that will allow users to easily navigate to the channel of their elected officials.

Already several members of Congress have channels on YouTube. But by creating a central hub for all senators and representatives, YouTube is hoping to encourage more members to create their own channels, not only as a place to promote their agendas but also as a forum for interacting with citizens.

“People out there don’t really know what senators and congressmen do on a daily basis,” said Steve Grove, head of news and politics at YouTube. “This will give them a sense of what they are doing.”

During the election season, political campaigns made heavy use of YouTube and other online tools, including social networks like MySpace and Facebook, as well as blogs and “microblogging” services like Twitter, to communicate with voters. But until last fall, so-called franking rules largely limited the use of online tools by members of Congress to official House and Senate Web sites. Continue reading

Microsoft and Viacom Partner Up


Microsoft and Viacom jumped in bed for a five year co-venture valued at $500 million. In the agreement between the web behemoth and the media conglomerate, Microsoft partnered to access Viacom’s catalog of content shown across its vast network that includes BET, MTV, Comedy Central and Paramount Pictures.  The content will be shown on Microsoft’s MSN website and incorporated into its XBox internet platform, with Viacom and Microsoft sharing revenue for ads shown across all of their platforms.  Ad revenue will be tracked by AdManager, a recent Microsoft acquisition.  For the full story, click HERE 

In addition, MTV is partnering with Jerry Bruckheimer to develop original programming for its video game division.  Viacom recently infused $500 million into this division.  Bruckheimer will be bringing his big-budget Hollywood expertise to the gaming world, a first for him.   Known for his exploding cars and special effects, MTV is depending on the producer to produce original content which can then be transformed into movie(s) or TV shows, depending on the game’s success.  For more on this historic pairing, click HERE