Ving Rhames Talks New Film, Nipsey Hussle, Gillie Da Kid


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Since his unforgettable role in 1994’s Pulp Fiction, Ving Rhames has been a powerful force in Hollywood. With numerous film appearances before and starring roles aplenty since, Rhames has been hard at work at producing some films of his own. The actor’s present work, The Wrath Of Cain, contains a message about street life in America, as well our commonalities, that are very tangible to the Hip Hop generation. Ving spoke to HipHopDX on Tuesday evening, to discuss the film, his views on youth culture, and two of its co-stars – who happen to be rappers, Gillie Da Kid [click to read] and Nipsey Hussle [click to read].

Produced by Evan Louis and Eugene “Big U” Henley, Wrath of Cain contains a premise resonant in Rhames‘ eyes. “The storyline is that I’m a guy in a prison – a former gangbanger [who is] doing life in prison, with two sons. One of my sons is a Crip, played by Nipsey Hussle. The other one is a Blood, who’s my son, but I don’t know he’s my son at the beginning of the movie, played by Gillie Da Kid.” The film takes the unbenownst brothers who war in the streets, to a war on the inside, amongst their father. “They don’t know they’re brothers; I don’t know that [Gillie‘s character “JD” is] my son.Rhames says this conflict leads to a powerful ending. “It’s gonna be very suprising,Gillie said.

The film focuses on the similarities in people, regardless of skin or bandana color. “I’m trying to show, we’re all the same – Crips, Bloods, Mexican gangs. You grew up in this hood, I grew up in that hood; a real nigga is a real nigga regardless.” He later added, “They’re of the same blood. The only difference between [someone] being a Crip or a Blood is [their] address.

The film starts June 29th in Los Angeles. With Big U as a producer on the film, Ving Rhames has worked with U‘s South Central neighborhood to enrich, what he calls “the hood’s talent.” “I have Rolling 60s guys who are going to be apprentices with the camera, who are learning about sound, lighting, directing, wardrobe, what-have-you. They’re gonna be a part of this film in an apprentice program.Rhames says after working in the Rolling 60s Crip neighborhood, he aspires to work with a Blood neighborhood next. Continue reading

Rhames joins Bruce in New World Order flick

Ving Rhames (Marsellus Wallace) + Bruce Willis (Butch)  star in cult classic Pulp Fiction

Veteran actor Ving “The Animal” Rhames is set to fight “The Surrogates” in a new flick with fellow Tinsletown buddy Bruce Willis.

The Disney film, based on a graphic novel, is set in a world where humans live risk-free lives through robot surrogates that are eternally young, perfect-looking versions of themselves.

Rhames plays a charismatic cult figure who disdains the use of surrogates and tries to lead an uprising against the “new world order.” Willis plays a cop who, through his surrogate, investigates the murders of others’ surrogates.

Also joining the project are Australian actress Radha Mitchell (“Silent Hill”) as Willis’ professional partner, and British thespian Rosamund Pike (“Fracture”) as his wife. Jonathan Mostow is directing.

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