Judge rules ‘Vitamin Water’ to be Unhealthy

‘I took quarter water sold it in a bottles for two bucks,  and Coca Cola came and bought it for billions now what the fuck’ -50 Cent. Basically the judge has said that Vitamin Water is basically soda with out the fizz and bubbles. More information below:

via Consumerist

A federal judge ruled this week that Vitaminwater will not, as its labels promise, keep you “healthy as a horse.” Nor will it bring about a “healthy state of physical or mental being”. Instead, Vitaminwater is really just a sugary snack food; non-carbonated fruit coke disguised as a sports drink. Because it’s composed mostly of sugar and not vitamin-laden water, judge John Gleeson held that Vitaminwater’s absurd marketing claims were likely to mislead consumers.

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Facebook’ers Design New VitaminWater Flavor

I guess Thisis50 is up next.

(Newser) – If you’re one of those people who can’t get enough of Facebook, good news is coming to your corner store in March, in the form of VitaminWater’s new flavor. “Connect,” a black cherry-lime concoction, is the result of a contest on the drink’s Facebook page, in which users were asked to design a new flavor. So go ahead, poke your thirst.

50 Cent Launches Dietary Supplement Business


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We have praised 50’s savvy business sense with the creation of his film production company Cheetah Vision which enabled him to cut out his G-Unit members, but we will have to wait a little until we can praise his next business move. Although he has a production company, a water, a video game, and a body spray, 50 will be expanding his empire by introducing a new line of dietary supplements. 50 recently stated:

“Right now, I’m interested in dietary supplements. I’ll be coming up with something very soon.” When asked what the name of it would be he replied  “I can’t tell you what it would be called. I’d be blowing the big launch party!”

No word yet on when 50 really plans to launch his supplements and once we find out what they are called we will let you know. I just hope they are not Barry Bonds approved.

Study Claims Vitamin Water is “Poison”


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Coca-Cola’s line of VitaminWater drinks is not healthful, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, which is suing the beverage company for what it calls deceptive and unsubstantiated claims. We’ll leave the legal and rhetorical battles to CSPI and Coke (which, for its part, calls the suit “ridiculous” and says VitaminWater is “clearly and properly labeled”). But whether VitaminWater is breaking consumer protection laws or just engaging in effective marketing, the situation does offer a great lesson in the importance of reading nutrition labels.

Let’s take as an example the flavor of VitaminWater called “XXX.” On the label facing me on the deli shelf, I saw the words “acai-blueberry-pomegranate (triple antioxidants).” Farther down, it said that the drink has the “power of triple antioxidants to help keep you healthy and fight free radicals.” And lower down, “. . . it is definitely au naturel.” If I read no further, I might make some assumptions: 1) VitaminWater is some kind of water plus vitamins, and thus, like water, must not have many calories. 2) This particular flavor contains acai, blueberry, and pomegranate (all of which have been called “superfoods” for their nutritional punch). 3) Those fruits contain antioxidants, which are substances in fruits and veggies that are associated with lower rates of chronic disease. By drinking VitaminWater, I’m getting those benefits. And 4) VitaminWater is “natural.” Continue reading

50 Cent Shaves $ 4Million Off Conneticut Mansion

Source : Mediatakeout

The housing bubble has definitely hit a ton of people across the board. Even the mighty 50 Cent has to rethink the price for his mansion which is probably more of a headache then anything else right now. He has wanted to get rid of this property for years. But if he manages to get at least 6-8 million for it he has made a very nice profit.


via Courant

The slowing real estate market has caught up with 50 Cent.

After almost two years on the market, the rapper has lowered the price of his Farmington mega-mansion from $18.5 million to $14.5 million, a 21 percent price cut.

“It’s the market,” acknowledged listing agent Deborah Orr of Keller Williams Realty. “With a unique property, everyone acknowledges it’s difficult to pinpoint the perfect market price. We feel we need to stimulate some activity, and that was the intent of the price cut.”

Even with the price reduction, the home is still the most expensive home listing in the region.

The home, on Poplar Hill Road, was purchased by 50 Cent in 2003 for $4.1 million.picture-372

The 17-acre property, which in the past has been home to real estate swindler BenjaminSisti and boxing champion Mike Tyson, has many sumptuous features, including a helipad, a 40-person hot tub, a movie theater, two billiard rooms and a disco. It has 18 bedrooms and 37 bathrooms.

Lebron To Peddle Vitamin Water

Well, OK. This is how we should be seeing Lebron off the court. This is a still of the Vitamin Water ad that will feature Lebron, airing during the NBA 2008 Playoffs. Usually the “Obey Your Thirst” athlete can be found pitching Sprite, but following in the footsteps of Shaq and Curtis, Bron Bron is demanding that you obey your thirst and get you some Vitamin Water. Since they have him playing a lawyer I want to hear him do the “You can’t handle the truth” line, that should be classic!

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