Back-to-Back “Black” Women on Cover of Vogue

via TransRacial

Perhaps it’s the economy. Or call it the Andre effect.  But a thaw appears to be in process over at icy-cold Conde Nast.

It’s the second sistah in a row! Right after Michele Obama’s magical March cover.  And only the sixth Black woman on a Vogue cover this decade.                                                                                   beyoncevogueapril

That stat stands in sharp contrast with the legacy of the now-defunct Men’s Vogue, which regularly had Black men such as Denzel Washington, Will Smith, President Obama (twice) and Tiger Woods on its covers.


Beyonce’s Vogue appearance is a welcome step towards progress indeed.

Transracial has not personally prowled through the archives at Conde Nast’s 4 Times Square HQ, but we are beyond sure that this is the first time EVER back-to-back Black women have appeared on Vogue covers.

Keep it up!

Anna — yes you can!