[video] Jamaican Woman Bleaches Her Skin on Camera

My brothers and sisters in Jamaica are in crisis with the bleaching of their skin as evidenced by this woman in this video. Outside of the blatant self hate they have for their beautiful melanated skin, the health complications down the line will be severe at best. I cannot wait for the day this practice is finally stomped out in the Caribbean and in parts of Africa. To check out the original of this practice check out the movie Setting The Tone after the cut..

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[video] Charlamagne Claims He Doesn’t BLEACH his SKIN

So chemical peels are different than skin bleaching? Both pull the melanin over your skin so go figure. He does admit that it was internet comments that pushed him to get the procedure done.

Charlamagne tha God’s skin has gone through a noticeable change over the last few months, with some of his fans and haters calling him out for skin bleaching, a claim The Breakfast Club host adamantly denies. He feels that only “idiots” honestly believe that. He actually began seeing a dermatologist regularly who put him on a skin regimen to improve his skin discoloration.

Hear all of what tha God had to say about rumors of skin bleaching above.

Vybz Kartel Turns Snitch to Lessen 35 Year Sentence

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 4.47.33 PM I guess all that gangster stuff flew out the window once that long sentence started to sink in. I hope this revelation makes people think twice before yelling “Free Wurl Boss”. via Jamaica Observer

CONVICTED entertainer Vybz Kartel told the police the whereabouts of several wanted men in Portmore, St Catherine The move by the embattled entertainer was part of an effort to gain his freedom, or at least a vastly reduced prison sentence, the police said.

The startling revelation came to light during a Jamaica Observer interview with a member of the constabulary’s top brass late last week.

“He wanted to meet with the commissioner who assigned a member of the high command to meet him. During the meeting he offered information on wanted men in Portmore and also coughed up a number of illegal firearms. He was trying to broker a deal to get the charges dropped,” the source said.

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[video] Dancehall Legends Mavado & Vybz Kartel Squash Beef at Jamboree

Source: SUN

Alot of my readers may not be familiar with dancehall music and this beef that has been going on between Mavado and Vybz Kartel for the past year.

These guys are basically the Jay Z and 50 Cent of the culture and for them to squash this beef is an accomplishment in it self.

Check out the video of these guys performing and driving the crowd absolutely nuts in Jamaica at the Jamboree.

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[audio] Vybz Kartel, “Gaza Commandments”

Source: The Fader

Picture 27

[DOWNLOAD] “Gaza Commandments”

The vaguely “Arabic” feel of the Gaza Mi Seh Riddim inspired the dirtiest singjay in the West Indies to put down the pen about his cocky and—oh wait! Nevermind. One of the apparent drawbacks of living pon di Gaza (Vybz’s neighborhood, not the fraught Strip in the Middle East) is that one of its commandments is no sexual activity, at all. Which begs the question, where is Vybz composing the majority of his songs? Regardless, that’s not the point—it’s a protest song against the crackdowns on dancehall culture in Jamaica, and it’s one of the finest Vybz tracks since perennial fave “Ramping Shop.”

Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

VYBZ KARTEL Celebrates His Win @ Sting With A New Mavado Diss “LAST MAN STANDING”

Hours after the clash between Vybz Kartel and Mavado at Sting 2008, Kartel has recorded a song boldly declaring that Mavado ran from the war.
Entitled Don’t Run (Last Man Standing) the song was recorded Saturday morning and was produced by Portmore Empire affiliated producer Not Nice. In the song Kartel dubs Mavado the ‘runner’ stating that the artiste ran before completing the clash.
When THE STAR contacted Kartel yesterday he said, “They can’t say they won war when, one, he deejayed one song twice, two, he called me barber when he turned instant idiot; three, he abruptly left the stage with the band, which is his band. I tested him on him own band and he failed so I built that song to remind him clashing is about the last man standing. Not the first boy running.”

source: smartenup